Some of the best options to be the new CEO of Twitter if Elon Musk wants to save the social network

One of the great news at the end of 2022 has undoubtedly been the billionaire Elon Musk resigns as CEO of Twitter.

The people spoke and Elon Musk has finally complied (although for the moment it is still in the position) with the decision of the users to abandon Twitter as CEO. The truth is that, despite the fact that he was surprised by this decision, it comes from this eccentric billionaire, so there was little doubt that he was not going to do it.

It should be noted that he explained that before leaving his post, He was going to look for someone up to the task to replace himalthough, as we say, it seems that the process is taking longer than it should and hasn’t found anyone yet.

That’s why, from The Verge, They have wanted to present some proposals (and others of our own) to collaborate somewhat with Musk’s decision. The following names are considered as great candidates to be the new CEO of Twitteralthough, of course, the decision could end up going another way.

These are the great options to become the new CEO of Twitter

Sheryl Sandberg (former COO of Meta)

Sheryl Sandberg (former COO of Meta)

The former director of operations of Meta is one of the most qualified candidates for the position. Known for having greatly overhauled Facebook’s revenue strategy, she played a key role alongside Mark Zuckerberg in driving the growth of the largest platform of social networks in the world.

Sandberg was one of the company’s most prominent executives and the main architect of its advertising-based business model. She joined Facebook at the age of 23. After 14 years with the company, she left the position in June to pursue philanthropy.

Although it could be the most suitable for the positionconvince her to occupy it in the midst of the chaos of the social network it might not be easy.

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Jason Calacanis (journalist and entrepreneur)

Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis was tech journalist during the dot com boom. He is now an investor who has backed companies like Uber. Calacanis is one of Musk’s closest allies and was reportedly hired after Musk took over Twitter and fired most of the top management.

In April, days after Musk offered to buy the social networkCalacanis sent a text message to the billionaire saying: “CEO of Twitter is my dream job”.

Sriram Krishnan (has worked with Twitter, Meta and Microsoft)

sriram krishnan

We return to Musk’s closest circle and one of the great options to win his position as CEO. The billionaire has entrusted Sriram Krishnan with the responsibility of monetizing the platform.

Krishnan have recently invested in cryptocurrency companies, It could give it a more than useful experience to fulfill Musk’s goal of creating paid features for Twitter, according to a CNN report.

His hobbies include professional wrestling, and he has always been into anything related to technology. It is an uncontroversial choice to lead the company and would be the second executive of Indian origin after Parag Agarwal.

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Sarah Friar (CEO of Nextdoor)

Sarah Friar (CEO of Nextdoor)

Lastly, Sarah Friar was the CFO of Square, the payments company created by former Twitter boss Jack Dorsey. Is now CEO of Nextdoor, a hyperlocal social network for neighborhoods, and is also on the boards of Slack and Walmart.

fry, With a strong tech resume, you might be a good fit. She is considered a highly respected executive in Silicon Valley with a “exceptionally rare blend of proven entrepreneurial skills and a genuine heart and soul”according to the BBC.

These are just some possible candidates, although a multitude of other names are being considered within the sack. However, we talk about Elon Musk, so any kind of possibility may be quite far from the billionaire’s mind. After all, we already know how he usually acts, so we can only wait.

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Some of the best options to be the new CEO of Twitter if Elon Musk wants to save the social network