Snapchat updates its scanner feature to identify real-world objects

Snapchat is an application that discreetly continues to battle competitors like Instagram And, on many occasions, it has been able to lead the way for the Facebook-owned giant. For example with stories, which were released for practically the first time on the ghost network before that of Mark Zuckerberg.

The fact is that on Snapchat are looking for a way to open up new forms of interaction With what surrounds us and far from photos and videos with cool filters, they have thought that it would be a good idea to enhance the scanner tool that, a priori, we could all think that it does not make much sense within the social network.

Scan it all to see what it is

As they have informed some media, Snapchat has started updating its app to accommodate a much smarter scanner tool That so far. When that update reaches your iPhone (Android has to wait for now), you can use this function as an identifier of all the objects that surround you, be it clothes, the breed of a dog, wine, food, etc.

Improved Snapchat scanner.

Indeed, this function is very reminiscent of that Google Lens that is capable of seeing and identifying practically anything that we place in front of the camera. In the screenshot that you have just above, and that is published by Snapchat itself, It is possible to see how it identifies a jacket from which, later, it adds a series of alternatives to buy it. And sure enough, we reached the mother of the lamb, to the ultimate reason that something like this comes to Snapchat: sales and, therefore, more revenue?

Even so, not only that tool is referred to from Snapchat. They also want to highlight something that they have called “camera shortcuts” and that in the words of a company spokesperson they say that “works by recommending a combination of camera mode, soundtrack and filter. “This way we just have to point” the camera at the sky “and” filters specifically designed to work with the sky will be displayed along with a song clip and an extra touch of color, allowing you apply all changes at once. “

This mode is a way to replicate the same effect created by another user in one of our publications, without having to know which filters they have used. It is the app which is responsible for identifying them to create a preset which he later makes available to us. Moreover, from the application itself they recognize that work to identify these parameters with TikTok posts.