She is Maye Musk, the self-made model and mother of the richest man in the world

For many of those who are immersed in the world of technology, PayPal, Tesla Motors Y SpaceX are already commonplace, and they know that the founder of these companies, Elon MuskHe is the richest man in the world. But do you know more about the tycoon life what born and raised in South Africa next to his mother, May Musk?

The Billionaire’s progenitor He also raised Musk his also successful brothers Kimbal and Tosca in South Africa before divorce Errol and start a new life in Canada, as well as finding fame and millions of dollars in Canada, where she is originally from.

Maye Musk, the first famous of the family

May Muskfrom 74 yearsstarted to model at the age of 15. Although his family warned him that his career would end when he turned 18, he ended up working for decades as a model. “I was famous before Elon was”my friends tell me, as Maye told Vanity Fair.

He has lived a life thatif goods something different than Elon Muskrvaliza with his in achievements. Maye was a finalist for Miss South Africa at age 21as well as an ambassador for CoverGirl at 69. She has appeared on the cover of Time Y fashion and appeared in Beyoncé’s Haunted MV.

Elon Musk may currently be famous family now, but it’s all thanks to his mother, a supermodel who set the stage for him. After the age of 40 he moved

After dazzle both South Africa and Canada With her beauty, charm, wisdom and knowledge, she finally made it to the international stage in the United States when Elon’s journey to Silicon Valley took off, according to the portal. style.

After turning 60success continued to haunt Maye, which she attributes to her decision to stop dyeing her hair, according to her biography. With elegant white hair landed jobs that included an ad for Virgin America, the cover of the magazine New York in 2011 and a cameo in Beyoncé’s ‘Haunted’ video.

2015 appeared in its first show for New York Fashion Week. The following year, he signed with IMG, one of the major modeling agencies. That year he also appeared alongside Elon at the met gala. A lifetime of success that she inherited to his son.

“I think it gives hope to women as they age, they can continue working and be relevant, confident and comfortable with themselves,” Maye said in an interview for Forbes about his achievement in 2018.

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She is Maye Musk, the self-made model and mother of the richest man in the world