Seqera Labs closes a five million dollar round

Seqera Labs seduces the investor. The company, specialized in data organization and software of workflow for the field of life sciences, has closed a funding round of 5.5 million dollars. Talis Capital and Speedinvest co-lead the round, in which BoxOne Ventures and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, founded by Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, have also participated. The company will use the resources to develop its technology, as well as to increase its presence in North America.

Seqera Labs was created as an emerging company of the Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG) and was founded in 2018 by the creators of Nextflow. The company continues to develop the Nextflow platform to solve some of the most challenging problems facing the life sciences industry, enabling organizations to scale their analytics across an uneven infrastructure.

The technology enables and simplifies complex data analysis deployments in multiple cloud environments, monitors and optimizes new drug research and discovery costs, accelerating clinical diagnoses and enabling data-derived solutions in the field of drug science. life. Nextflow has become a key driver in effectively doubling the productivity of scientific and engineering teams, allowing them to focus on science.

Seqera includes some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies in its client list. At a time when the volume of data in the life sciences space is growing exponentially, as is the case with derived analytics in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences companies, Seqera sees strong demand for its open source solution and your business solution.

The software reached a fever pitch in 2020 during the pandemic, since it was applied in the global sequencing initiatives of Sars-Cov-2. Sequencing centers and experts collaborated to develop tools for analyzing Covid-19 samples using the Nextflow platform, resulting in the identification and ongoing surveillance of various variants, including Alpha and Delta. Seqera also enables advancements in the area of ​​personalized medicine, in particular personalized oncology.

Gritsone bio is an example of a Seqera customer, using Nextflow in their research and production areas for machine learning tasks in their custom oncology applications.

Although the company is focused on the life sciences segment, the software can be used by companies in sectors such as computational intensive, data applications, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, manufacturing and financial services.

The CRG is a biomedical research center located in Barcelona. Created in December 2000, the CRG hosts an interdisciplinary scientific team of more than 400 people focused on understanding the complexity of life, from the genome to the cell and a complete organism.

Article: Soure