Scandal on Facebook: an executive used funds for her wedding?

the recent Sheryl Sanberg’s resignation from her post on Meta-Facebook He is not as friendly as he first seemed. A report of The Wall Street Journal Reveals Company Lawyers Launched Investigation for Embezzlement: Mark Zuckerberg’s Former Ally there would be put hand in the box of the company for the organization of your wedding and for other personal projects.

Meta investigates Sheryl Sandberg and unleashes a new scandal on Facebook

  • According to the source, the outgoing Facebook COO resigned from her post amid accusations of embezzlement.

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  • The Meta legal team’s investigation goes back several years. They also examine the work of employees who have responded to Sandberg since he assumed leadership positions at the firm.
  • In addition to the supposed improper use of money Facebook to organize their wedding, the company’s lawyers analyze whether workers from the social network benefited in any way the Lean In foundation, which Sandberg founded and manages, in addition to having promoted his best seller Lean In: Women, Work and the Wil to Lead, which was published in 2013.

A new era in Facebook, which is now Meta: the break between Sandberg and Zuckerberg

As we count in TN Techno When Facebook’s COO announced her resignation, she joined the social media company in 2008 with the goal of growing the ad business. In mid-2012, she became the first woman to serve on Facebook’s executive committee.

Since then it has been ally of Mark Zuckerbergbut the link was obviously broken.

Following WSJ, both Sandberg and the Meta CEO turned to company employees for help with personal projects. The fact that the businesswoman is now facing scrutiny for these actions shows how much her influence has waned in recent years.

Meta investigates whether executive Sheryl Sandberg used company funds to organize her wedding

While there was some diplomacy when Sandberg’s departure was reported, the company’s chief executive was not exactly affectionate. “In the next few months, Mark and I will transition,” Sandberg said at the time. Javier Olivan, who is currently Meta’s growth director, will take over his position towards the last quarter of this year. Zuckerberg said he will take on different tasks from Sandberg and that he will “build on his strong track record of making operations more efficient and rigorous.”

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Meanwhile, the firm faces a new stage in its journey. In October of last year, Zuckerberg renamed the company, which is now Meta, and confirmed his commitment to the metaverse that he defined as the evolution of the Internet.

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Scandal on Facebook: an executive used funds for her wedding?