“Save your money”: Jeff Bezos’ surprising vision of spending on offers like Prime Day

Can you be the founder of the main website for buying and selling products today and recommend that people think twice when making a purchase in a sales period?

According to Jeff Bezos, yes. In the middle of Prime DayIt’s hard to believe, but Bezos has advised on several occasions to be careful with impulse purchases, especially if they exceed certain patterns to control your personal finances.

The last time he did it at the gates of Black Friday, where he pointed out that in a possible context of recession, special care must be taken.

Bezos’s claim is striking considering that much of Amazon’s success It has been based on taking advantage of these types of dates and even creating their own, such as Prime Day. In fact, this type of sales days with great discounts had made his fortune skyrocket for many years.

However, Bezos advises that it is better to value each expense well amid the highest inflation in the last four decades and worries about the recession.

This is what he said, specifically:

If you are an individual and you are thinking of buying a big screen television, maybe you should stop that decision, save that money and see what happens. Same thing with a fridge, a new car, whatever. Right now it is important to avoid risks and it is better to have room for action.

Bezos, who was referring to not spending more than necessary in the face of possible upcoming risks, made these comments in an interview with CNN.

But why did Bezos offer this advice to consumers and small businesses so they don’t spend too much? He gave his reasons.

He points out that it is necessary to take into account when it is prudent to undertake a large expense

“If we are not in a recession right now, we are likely to be in one very soon”he said in the interview, which came shortly after Amazon confirmed mass layoffs of some of its staff in its devices and services business, joining a growing list of technology companies that have begun downsizing.

His advice has not been without criticism, pointing out that these saving words come from a man who turned Amazon into the giant it is today by taking advantage of days like these.

Bezos, already out of Amazon after leaving his position as CEO in his successor Andy Jassy, ​​is not the first big businessman to publicly comment on his concern about the economic situation.


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“Save your money”: Jeff Bezos’ surprising vision of spending on offers like Prime Day