Richard Branson received a special birthday present from former President Juan Manuel Santos

This July 21, former President Juan Manuel Santos published another photograph with the billionaire businessman Richard Branson, who is known to be the founder of Virgin. Nevertheless, On this occasion, the Colombian politician took the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of the British philanthropist, which was this July 18.

In a photograph published on the social networks of the former president, he shows the special gift he gave Branson on his birthday, as a new commitment to the “post-agreement”, and a way to make visible the work of ex-combatants of the extinct FARC who submitted to transitional justice. Santos took the opportunity to give the philanthropist a bag made by ex-militants.

The birthday present for @richardbranson is a backpack from @confecciones_lamontana made by ex-combatants who bet on peace and reconciliation. Change the rifles for manufacturing machines”, It was the message that the former president wrote on his social networks, along with the photograph in which he appears with the founder of Virgin, in addition to his wife, the former first lady María Clemencia Rodríguez.

In that sense, Former President Santos took the opportunity to make visible one of the hundreds of workshops and companies that the ex-combatants opened as a step in the reintegration into citizenship, now without weapons and betting on the long-awaited peace. In this case, it was confecciones La Montaña, a workshop of ex-guerrillas that is in charge of making accessories, clothing and backpacks.

With more than 18,000 ‘likes’ on Santos’ publication, he has received hundreds of messages in which users praise the action of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning politician, stating that this was a great example to “bet on peace”. ”.

Juan Manuel Santos said that he supports Gustavo Petro one hundred percent

The former President of the Republic Juan Manuel Santos, in a dialogue with the Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo said that agrarian reform is one of the main issues for a peace agreement, dialogues that, from now on, the president-elect has proposed to do. Likewise, he stressed the important role that the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) must continue to play in the country.

“Before the @JEP_Colombia and victims, the former commanders of the extinct FARC assumed responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity. This is how peace is built”tweeted after the public hearing attended by seven members of the former secretariat of the illegal group Farc-EP, where they acknowledged their participation in different crimes, including those against humanity.

“Many thanks to @ComisionVerdadC for their historic and difficult work: a painful mission, but essential for reconciliation. My respect and admiration to all the commissioners”, continued the former president, acknowledging the work of the entity in recent years.

Consequently, Santos confirmed his “I support 100% the new president of Colombia in his determination to implement the peace process and have the Special Justice for Peace as a model for the pacification of the country.”

“If someone opposes the agreements, I know that he will be there at the forefront, agrarian reform is one of the first issues of the Peace Agreement,” he specified when referring to Gustavo Petro. He said that “If they apply the agreement well, their government will generate a transformation and Petro knows it.”

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Richard Branson received a special birthday present from former President Juan Manuel Santos