Reed Hastings resigns as Netflix CEO, will follow in the footsteps of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos – Entrepreneur

In August 1997, the entrepreneur Reed Hastings he made his dream come true by co-founding Netflix With Mark Randolph. At that moment they did not know that it would be a watershed in entertainment and that would make the industry take off streaming. This Thursday, January 19, the co-founder of the platform announced his resignation as CEO of Netflix and revealed his successors.

“I am very proud of our first 25 years and very excited for the next quarter century. We can do much more to better entertain the world and bring more joy to our members,” the 62-year-old businessman said in a statement. release.

Reed Hastings

He then confirmed that his position will be filled by two people: his partner and co-CEO, ted sarandosY Greg Peters, who until now served as the company’s director of operations. The relief is effective immediately, as the council has been planning the succession for nearly 10 years.

“Our board has been discussing succession planning for many years (even founders need to evolve!). As part of that process, we promoted Ted to co-CEO with me in July 2020 and Greg to COO, and over the past two and a half years I have increasingly delegated management of Netflix to them,” explained Reed Hastings.

The other Netflix co-founder dedicated a few words to his partner on Twitter, along with an emotional photo of when he and Hasting were building the video giant. streaming.

What will the former CEO of Netflix do now?

For his part, the Bostonian businessman will continue to serve as executive president of the company that he himself created.

“For my part, I will be helping Greg and Ted and, like any good president, I will be a bridge between the board of directors and our co-CEOs. I will also spend more time in philanthropy and I will remain very focused on Netflix’s actions doing well, “explained the now former CEO of Netflix.

A) Yes, Reed Hastings He joins the club of company founders who resign as CEO and leave someone else in charge. Among them are Bill Gates (Microsoft), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) Y Jack Dorsey (Twitter), to name the most famous. even the billionaire Jack Ma announced a few days ago that also leave your company address AntGroupafter resigning as Alibaba CEO in September 2019.

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Reed Hastings resigns as Netflix CEO, will follow in the footsteps of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos – Entrepreneur