Randi, the sister of Mark Zuckerberg, believes it is necessary to connect the different metaverses to get the most out of web3

Blockchain, metaverse, web3… The new language of virtual realities can confuse something, but as the person in charge of web3 at Telefónica Tech said, you don’t have to understand the metaverse, “you have to use it”.

Randi Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media –and sister to Mark, the founder of Facebook–, believes that the problem is not ignorance about the metaverse, but that there is no interaction between platforms.

During the Global Supertrends Conference held this Wednesday, Randi has assured that her children and she are in different metaverses, but it is impossible to connect between them, that is, there is no interoperability.

“Right now, I’m in Decentraland, my son is in Roblox my other son is in Fortnite“, picks up CNBC. “That’s great, we’re all in the metaverse. [Pero] we have no interaction with each other.”

Randi has referred to web3, the logical evolution of the internet that moves towards decentralization through the use of blockchain technology, something that is still in process and has not reached its peak.

“To truly unlock the potential [de web3], we are going to need to find a system where there is interoperabilityRandi added. “What you have goes with you wherever you are, [y] We are not there yet.”

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In this case, Randi has put on the table 2 issues to improve. On the one hand, the consumer protectionbecause there are still scams related to crypto wallets.

Even more so in metaverses in which teenagers are very present, like Randi’s own son in Fortnite.

“There should be more protections for consumers,” Randi stressed. “I think we’ll finish [con] Web 2.7, where there is some centralization, keeping people safe, but with the ability to transfer their assets anywhere.”


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On the other hand, there is still difficulty setting up payment systemsa fact that hinders the decentralization of the internet.

“It shouldn’t take 45 steps to set up a cryptocurrency wallet, buy a coin, and enter the metaverse,” he added. “It has to be easy to use for beginners.”

At the moment, the metaverses are still in their infancy and do not produce much profitability. Such is the case with Meta’s Reality Labs, the metaverse-focused division, which has lost $2.8 billion over the past quarter.

For Randi, there is still a lot to do, since the metaverse has a potential greater than the internet that human beings know, with the possibility of creating markets such as real estate, just as it happens in reality.

“We’re really just scratching the surface of what we’re going to see,” he concluded.

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Randi, the sister of Mark Zuckerberg, believes it is necessary to connect the different metaverses to get the most out of web3