Project Cambria, Facebook’s next VR glasses, will seek to be “a laptop in the face”

Goal is working on its metaverse and, to access it, it will be necessary to use virtual and augmented reality glasses. In this context, Mark Zuckerberg’s company is working on Project Cambria, the VR glasses For this end.

In accordance with Information, Cambria it has been described as “a laptop for the face” or, precisely, “a Chromebook for the face”.

According to the data revealed, Project Cambria It has similar specs to a Chromebook and will use Google’s own VR operating system. Goal, which is based on Android.

It is expected to be compatible with web-based tools and services, as well as some Quest applications. However, even though Goal presents Cambria As a device of the future of work, it may not be able to run native desktop applications commonly used by many businesses.

Up to four models

Project Cambria it will seek to facilitate daily activities such as reading texts, sending emails or even programming code in its use.

when he announced Cambria in October 2021, Goal He said the headset will include eye-tracking and facial expression recognition features.

Also, the headset is believed to be heavier than the Quest 2 due to a larger battery.

According to reports, Cambria It will hit stores around September and cost more than $799. It was originally intended to launch last year, according to the report, but was delayed due to supply chain issues and other complications brought on by the pandemic.

Looking ahead, it is mentioned that Goal it has three other headsets it plans to release in the next few years as it pushes forward with its metaverse ambitions. The information suggests that Goal will launch Quest headphones in both 2023 and 2024, as well as a successor to Cambria, currently codenamed Funston, in 2024. Furthermore, it was recently reported that Goal plans to launch its first augmented reality glasses in 2024.

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Project Cambria, Facebook’s next VR glasses, will seek to be “a laptop in the face”