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Summer is ending and Black Friday (and Christmas) They are now just around the corner, and with them comes the busiest season for most businesses, especially eCommerce. Which means that the different brands and businesses are beginning to raise and develop their campaigns and strategies to achieve the highest possible amount of sales.

Social networks play an even more important role for e-commerce during these dates, since they are a very effective means of product discovery. Even, according to studies carried out by Facebook, 86% of those who regularly use their social network in the United States have bought a product that they discover through her in the last three months. Taking this into account the company of Mark Zuckerberg has published a series of tips to take full advantage of the opportunities that your stores offer both in Facebook What Instagram during this season.

Building a good catalog is essential

The catalog is one of the most important aspects of any online store, since it provides all the necessary information so that customers can decide to buy a product. In addition, having a complete catalog and the right information can also offer an additional boost in search positioning, which ends up creating a greater opportunity for discovery by potential consumers.

These are some of the points that according to Facebook you should take into account to have a fully prepared catalog for the next sales season:

  • The availability, information of prices and features of the products They must be up-to-date, thus avoiding confusion and promoting a smoother shopping experience.
  • Fill out all fields of the product specifications will achieve boost your appearance in search results, and it will also promote conversion to sales. In addition, more detailed information will save the customer time, by not having to ask for specific characteristics or additional information.
  • In social networks, the visual aspect is a determining factor, so the catalog should have attractive images that invite consumers to review the product. Adding multiple images covering different angles, or situations also helps customers to better identify with the product and get a better idea about it.
  • A recommendation from Facebook is to use the same product catalog for advertising campaigns and shops. In this way, the product inventory can be managed more efficiently, and a more complete campaign can be created by carrying it out centrally.

Level up your strategy with collections

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The holiday seasons are a great time to build a brand, as they offer a unique opportunity for consumers to interact and identify with the products. One way to exploit this feature is to create specific collections for the season, which can be with products alluding to the season or thematic campaigns. Here are some tips to get the most out of this feature:

  • The collections are designed to attract more consumers, therefore it is important to build them based on their interests, through thematic collections linked to current trends or covering groups from sports fans to animal lovers.
  • Creativity is a key piece both for the creation of collections and within the ecosystem of social networks. So taking the presentation of these product sets a step further with colorful and attractive images or funnier titles can be a deciding factor.
  • It is advisable to maintain a varied price range with this sales model, so that it can adjust to the budgets of different buyers, taking into account that impulse purchases of up to 100 euros are very popular during this season.
  • This tool presents an opportunity to highlight products Best sellers, as well as the consumer favorites, serving as a hook for attracting new customers.

Boost discovery with the different Facebook and Instagram tools

The key to social networks within the purchase process are its different tools that help drive the discovery of new products, especially labels. According to what is expressed by Facebook, the most successful businesses during the holidays are those who take advantage of different types of content, using the tags as follows:

  • The feed is the primary means of boosting product visibility, so adding product tags to these posts can significantly boost product visibility, and consequently product sales. It is currently possible label up to 5 different products within publications.
  • The stories They are one of the types of social media content with the highest degree of acceptance by communities, and adding stickers with product labels to them can make them more interactive. As Facebook explains, “They are an ideal medium for the creation of promotional or explanatory content, where a perspective on the labeled products is offered.” A very useful strategy to raise the interest of potential consumers.
  • Finally the video content It has become one of the most important in recent months, in addition to being key in the purchase processes, given the trends imposed by short videos between TikTok and the Reels from Instagram. On the other hand, this type of content also allows brands and businesses to create a backstory for their products, allowing the community to better identify with them.

Advertising solutions expand reach to new consumers

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Example of product tags in an Instagram ad

Both Facebook and Instagram have a series of advertising solutions linked to their stores that play a key role for businesses to expand the reach of their brand. These are some of the tips that the social network raises for businesses in the face of this new Christmas and Black Friday season:

  • Adding tags to banner ads can help multiply traffic to a specific product, thus increasing your engagement and conversion ratio. Even, according to a Facebook study, Ads with product tags have 1.75 times more interactions.
  • On the other hand, within the Facebook and Instagram tools it is possible personalize the target audience of the ads. The social network recommends making use of this feature to reach new communities, as well as a more specific audience determined by the interests of the season.

Using this series of tips, Zuckerberg’s company also explained that They are working on implementing new tools to boost sales on their different platforms. In this way, in order to offer consumers an environment of greater confidence for their purchases, it will launch a new label that will identify the stores that offer better shopping experiences, the “Preferred stores”, that for now will only be available in tests in the United States and that will be seen in a similar way to the classic label that highlights those pages that answer the queries of their users in a short time.

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