Omar Montes: “Uncle Jeff Bezos has my messages exploited. He gets intense if I don’t answer him”

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Wednesday June 3. Minutes before our interview with Omar Montes, from Amazon Prime Video, the platform that premieres its docuseries this Friday The little Prince, They warn us that it will be delayed for a few minutes due to technical problems.

To all this is added that apparently the singer is not comfortable after having cut an interview with a medium, specifically tell, after asking him a question that he did not like. Something that is not understood since in a previous meeting with The world He already gave his opinion on that episode starring in GH VIP that has been pursuing him ever since, and in which he incited Asraf Beno to take advantage of Miriam Saavedra when she was drunk.

“They were fooling around, but they couldn’t make up their minds. So I told Asraf ‘come on, lie down with her’. I did it to promote love,” he answered then without major problem. “I do not regret it because every step has got me where I am and when you change things in the story, it may vary, “he replied to us when we asked him if he regrets any behavior on the Telecinco reality show.

According to the platform, Montes shows his most personal and unknown facet in The little Prince. However, in this case it should not be forgotten that the young singer is friends with Jeff Bezzos, the founder of Amazon, and tells his life through the prism of Unicorn Content, the producer of Ana Rosa Quintana. Because, As Luz Sánchez-Mellado said, the best way to reflect a character is to publish his interview as is, question and answer. Come in and read.

What have you discovered about yourself on this journey?

I have gone back to my origins, I have remembered the times that were not so good, how to fight for my dream until I reached the top and the steps I had to take to where I am today.

Can it be said that it has been a catharsis?

Yes, it could be said that without a doubt it has been a catharsis.

Are you aware of the fame you have?

Yes, I am conscious, but I try not to lose the ball because, as my grandmother says, ‘When you get too smart, you are stupid again.’

I’m like a Pokemon, I unlock skills as the days go by

Any statement of yours is looked at with a magnifying glass, do you self-censor a lot?

Don’t think I’m self-censoring. I try to speak well and express myself well so as not to mess it up a lot. When they ask me, it is difficult for me to try to be soft, but I try to answer in the most correct way.

You would say then that it is more difficult to get out of your boxes …

I am as I am. And just as I am excited about everything, quickly I am not so excited. In the end I have had to go through many moments that have strengthened and shaped me. I started this so that my family and I would have to eat. It was my purpose. And now I have to eat, and my family too. I don’t care if I get into a garden today if I think I’m carrying the truth. As long as that continues, I can get into the gardens that I want and with my life I do what I want.

Do you regret any past moment of your life?

I do not regret it because each step has taken me to where I am and when you change things in the story, it may vary. And how I would like to reach this end, I would leave the story as it is.

Being a contestant on a reality show carries certain prejudices. Would you participate in one again?

I don’t dislike a reality show. In the end you meet new people, you make friends … Survivors It helped me to train as a person, I have learned to make fire, fish … I am like a Pokemon, I unlock skills as the days go by.

But it took time to consider you as a singer precisely because you were linked to the pink press …

My devotion to the pink press has not been holy, I have never liked exposing myself. The times they have found me is because they have looked for me, because they follow me or wait for me at the door of my house. I am not about to sell my life and I am not very funny. I don’t want to get famous by looking for it.

A few months ago you announced that you would debut as an actor. What was that?

I have a big project behind me. For example, in the next film by Santiago Segura I have a cool role. He is my idol, he is God. Working with him on a movie is one of the greatest things that they have proposed to me, if not the greatest. I hope it is a Stream. In my family we watched those movies when we were little and they made me very funny. I do not know if he will do it again Stream, but I’ll settle for any other.

Santiago Segura is my idol, he is God. In my family we watched the ‘Torrente’ movies as a child and I was very amused.

Are you training to be an actor?

It comes out innate. It’s like music: I’m self-taught.

You also told in an interview that you were texting with Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon …

Uncle Jeff, as I call him, has my DM (direct messages) blown up. How there is a time change and they are eight or ten hours apart, sometimes I can’t answer him and it gets intense. I put the translator, because he has very closed English, and we talk. He has proposed several things to me, including those of space. We have big projects at hand, but I cannot give much information because there are confidentiality contracts. But I do tell you that there is a lot of work coming from ‘uncle’ Jeff that you will see soon.

Does space travel still stand?

Yes, it’s still standing. I am forming. I have increased my muscle mass by 15% without the need for chemicals. This is steel for ships (pointing to his arm).

What is your desired collaboration musically?

You asked me a good question. With Julio Iglesias it would be very cool.

Interview with Omar Montes

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Omar Montes: “Uncle Jeff Bezos has my messages exploited. He gets intense if I don’t answer him”