Omar Montes reveals the reason why he did not travel to space with Jeff Bezos

Omar Montes He was the protagonist last summer due to a confession he made in an interview for the newspaper ‘The world’. The artist of Pan Bendito assured that within his plans was to travel to space with Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon. “The owner of Amazon wants him to be one of the crew members on his next space trip. He wrote me a private message on Instagram because he had my song ‘La Rubia’ on his playlist. He proposed it to me and I accepted. In a couple of years we are going to establish contact with beings from other planets”, were his words.

For now, this trip to outer space did not take place and Omar Montes himself has spoken with ‘Europa Press’ about the reason why this plan has not been carried out, as well as how his relationship with this American tycoon was developed. The singer assures that the outbreak of COVID was the trigger that led to the cancellation to fulfill one of his dreamsas he pointed out in that interview.

I tried to be an astronaut with Jeff Bezos, but due to the pandemic and everything, my plans were canceled”, he began affirming. “They gave me the Jezz Bezos Telegram and we had a conversation in English. Then because of the pandemic issue, he followed his own, I followed mine and in the end, well, nothing, ”he added.

Criticism for his appearance in ‘El Hormiguero’

The interpreter of ‘Alocao’ became one of the most outstanding signings of the new season of ‘El Hormiguero’, but did not meet the expectations expected in its debut. Omar brought to his section a challenge that tried to stick a bag of chips on a t-shirt with a microwave. The experiment ended with the wrapping burning and Pablo Motos warned her of the possible danger that she was causing. “Turn it off! is your section”. The protagonist has reacted to these criticisms with his usual joking tone, which is his hallmark. “It’s normal, there are people who don’t like anchovy pizza, for example, but my grandfather does like it. It’s a tremendous thing.”

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Omar Montes reveals the reason why he did not travel to space with Jeff Bezos