Omar Montes on his trip to space with Jeff Bezos: “I’m afraid to go in case I don’t come back”

Omar Montes He has become one of the most popular faces in our country, but not only that, but he is also known internationally. His successive musical hits and his collaborations with renowned artists have made the one from the Madrid neighborhood of blessed bread win the admiration and affection of its immense public.

Not only is he focused on his music career, but he is also working on television. Currently we can see him in the Telecinco contest ‘Idol Kids’ where the participants show the great admiration they have for the artist.

your trip to space

Between project and project, Omar Montes has had the opportunity to make a trip to space with none other than the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos. This is how the singer explained it in an interview for the program ‘The lighthouse’, of the Chain BE: “It scares me, especially because of the wormholes”the television has confessed.

“He has invited me to go to space with him and I have been preparing myself physically to be able to go up. It’s a great opportunity, but I’m scared in case something happens and I don’t come back. Now I have a lot of family to take care of. If I had done it before I was alone, nothing would happen, but now with a son and everything, I am not going to get into a wormhole”, added Omar Montes in the Chain BE.

The fear of not returning

“It is said that when you enter a wormhole you can spend 10 years in one fell swoop. Y there are people that when they get into a wormhole their body stretches, then you have to go with special suits. It scares me because there are people who have done it and have not returned, “says the singer.

“I was going to go now in January but due to the COVID issue, things have been postponed. I have passed all the tests. He has invited me and three others, later more people will, but we are going to be pioneers. Jazz Bezos told me ‘I’m doing this to you because I like you and I like the way you are, otherwise the trip would cost you 200,000 euros’, Then how was I going to say no? Omar Montes in To be.

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Omar Montes on his trip to space with Jeff Bezos: “I’m afraid to go in case I don’t come back”