Oculus Quest Pro, Mark Zuckerberg’s immersive glasses to consolidate his metaverse

One year after Mark Zuckerberg made the name of Meta official, under which he included Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus, the CEO of Meta announced the progress of the company to consolidate the ambitious project of the metaverse.

During Meta Connect 2022, Zuckerberg announced the launch of the Oculus Quest Pro glasses, the new mixed reality viewer that promises more immersive and collaborative experiences.

“With them you can enjoy more immersive experiences in video games and in the metaverse, I am very excited because they have 75 percent more contrast in the image, a more sober design and are more comfortable to use,” said the CEO of Meta.

He explained that the starting cost of these new glasses will be 1,499 dollars and that they will be available from next October 25; however, he stated that the Oculus Quest 2 headset will still be available on the market for around $400.

“The new glasses will have technology that detects the movement of the user’s eyes, this allows the viewer to detect the resolution of the image so that the experience is more realistic, since it has 37 percent more pixels and 75 percent more contrast in compared to the Oculus Quest 2″, he added.

He added that the glasses will be accompanied by two Meta Quest Touch Pro controls, which, he said, are a necessary complement to interact in virtual environments, so they will have high-precision sensitivity, as well as more precise controls.

New experiences and alliances to consolidate the metaverse

Meta Connect 2022 was the catapult for the CEO of Meta to share the benefits and alliances that his company has established to crystallize the metaverse.

For now, it announced a collaboration with NBC Universal, an American company with which it will make available to users of the metaverse several audiovisual experiences focused on series such as ‘office‘, this with the aim that Internet users can socialize within this virtual world.

In the case of video games, mark zuckerberg pointed out that the company of Californian origin will launch its virtual store next November that will have a good handful of video games, among which stand out Iron Man VR and Among Us VRboth titles available for users to play in augmented reality.

Finally, Zuckerberg explained that in recent months new players have entered the business that represents the metaverse; however, the one that stood out the most was the entry of Microsoft, which agreed to launch Teams, Office, Windows and the Xbox cloud gaming service to Meta viewers.

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Oculus Quest Pro, Mark Zuckerberg’s immersive glasses to consolidate his metaverse