Nobody understands why Bill Gates drives this car

As most of us know, Bill Gates is one of the richest entrepreneurs we know. However, unlike what we would expect from a billionaire, he doesn’t cruise the streets in an exotic Lamborghini or Bugatti car. Today in Tork, we will show you the different vehicle that the famous owner of Microsoft drives. Swipe and find out more!

Since the creation of the company microsoft and computer operating system WindowsBill Gates has not stopped succeeding. According to Forbeshas become the fourth richest person in the world, with an impressive net worth of $106.3 billion. A difficult figure to believe but real, which also positions it as the tenth richest person in the history of mankind.

Some of these great fortunes have been donated to charitable causes or scientific research, and have also been divided among his three children. However, the businessman also invests his money in his exclusive car collectionwhere we find business models such as Porsche, Ferrari and Mercedes Benz, to name the most striking.

What surprises everyone and not many can understand is how different the IT garage is compared to that of any millionaire. Instead of driving the most luxurious models of Bugatti or Lamborghini, the American usually opts for simpler models. One of them is your Ford Focus of no more than 15 thousand dollars, which accompanied him for a long time on his trips to the Microsoft offices.

The ford focus count with one 2.0L 4-cylinder enginewhich gives it a power of 130 horsepower. Also, run up to a speed of 250km/h and mark a time 5.4 seconds to reach clearance from 0 to 100 km/h. Have 5-speed manual gearbox in series, and is positioned as the humblest American car for its low value.

This vehicle occupies a very special place within the collection and even was the protagonist of the last day of Gates in the offices of his company. The Seattle-born also has other budget models like his $60,000 Chevrolet Suburban.

Bill Gates in his Ford Focus at the Microsoft offices.

+ The interior of Bill Gates’ Ford Focus

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Nobody understands why Bill Gates drives this car