Netflix: Elon Musk attributes the drop in platform users to the ‘woke virus’

The value of Netflix shares has fallen 35% in two days, a disaster that the platform directly relates to households using shared accounts. However, the omnipresent Elon Musk has another explanation: according to the eccentric entrepreneur, the culprit of this fall has been the virus woke up, a term that refers to “goodness” or the fear of offending certain groups that, according to Musk, has been imposed on film productions. Something that the tycoon understands that he has ended up undermining the quality of the platform’s content and boring viewers.

Initially the term woke up It encompassed movements linked to the struggle of black communities in the United States and over time it also refers to social and human rights manifestations, such as the feminist movement and LGTBIQ +. The CEO of Tesla has generated some confusion with his tweet, in which it can be read that “the virus woke up has made Netflix cannot be viewed.

‘Woke’ is a term that refers to a series of social movements

The Tesla CEO’s comment could be read as a response to a website post Slashdotwhich precisely collects information on the loss of subscribers suffered by the content platform streaming throughout the last quarter of the year 2021. Users, surprised, ask “What series or movie are you referring to?”.

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The company is living his most delicate momentor for a decade, since the results of Netflix seemed to never stop growing. A few weeks ago it was confirmed that the platform was losing huge amounts of money due to shared accounts, a practice that it planned to ban in order to multiply your income. However, it seems that Musk has another theory to explain this nosedive.

Netflix Loses Massive Amounts of Money Because of Shared Accounts

Smartphone with Netflix logo is seen in front of a descending stock graph in this illustration taken April 19, 2022. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration

Netflix is ​​going through a difficult time


It should be noted that the platform has also not stopped raising subscription costs periodically, something that caused the cancellation of more than one account. It seems that Netflix is ​​now working on the development of a new cheaper subscription, although this would include ads.

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Netflix: Elon Musk attributes the drop in platform users to the ‘woke virus’