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2022 was not a kind year for the cryptocurrency market. 2023 augurs changes, mainly with the optimism that regulation and support will provide stability to many of the businesses. But, at least in the gaming segment, it seems that neither developers nor studios seem to be very interested in NFTs or the technology. Web3.

The information comes from the Game Developers Conference (GDC) one of the largest organizations of video game developers. Preparing for the conference to be held in March this year, the GDC conducted its annual survey to gauge industry sentiment and sentiment on certain issues.

In total, more than 2,300 developers were surveyed on topics such as NFTs, Web3 technologies, the metaverse, and studio unionization. And, for the second year in a row, a minority of people surveyed said they or the studios they were working at were interested in entering these markets. Only 23% answered in the affirmative, which is important because last year this number was 27%.

The lack of interest in NFTs and the drop in interest can be justified by the ‘disenchantment’ that the concept has had, as a result of the current devaluation of the market added to the different scandals that have accompanied NFT proposals. In fact, in the last two years there have been more reports of scams and failed pay-to-earn game projects (for example, one of Logan Paul’s more recent projects). At the same time, there are multiple lawsuits against influencers and spokespersons for companies and projects of this type.

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There are other interesting facts. For example, 75% of the developers consulted stated that they were not interested in Blockchain technology for game development. A little more interest is in the metaverse, with only 56% of those surveyed stating that they have not been interested at some point in developing games around this technology.

Another interesting element of the survey is that a good part of the developers do not believe that Meta will be the one who will bring the future of games to the ‘metaverse’. On the contrary, most believe that it will be Epic Games (behind Fortnite) with 14%. This was twice as many votes as Mark Zuckerberg’s company, which even competed with other games like Minecraft. More importantly, there is currently enormous skepticism about the metaverse idea with 45% of respondents saying they don’t believe any company will be able to deliver on the promise that was made.

Why this lack of faith in the metaverse? According to those surveyed, the reason is that it is a ‘promise’ and not so much a clear concept that has proven real implications in the video game segment.

So far, not many important or relevant developers have joined the Blockchain as a segment in which to invest. One of the few cases is that of Square Enix, which earlier this year reaffirmed its commitment to its plan to invest more in projects related to Blockchain and NFT. It’s not a rallying cry that other companies seem eager to follow.

Images: Square Enix

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Neither game developers nor their studios are interested in NFTs • ENTER.CO