Neither Ferrari, nor Lamborghini, this is how the most brutal of Mark Zuckerberg looks

It’s not news that Mark Zuckerberg is a huge fan of the auto industry. The Facebook founder owns an impressive garage, packed with a wide variety of models. However, one of his copies stands out for being one of the most bestial and one of the American’s favorites. We show you…

mark zuckerberg He is one of the creators and founders of the famous Facebook platform that is on everyone’s lips. The social network, currently known as Meta, is one of the most requested spaces by millions of users from all over the world. A place that allows us to shorten distances and stay connected regardless of time or place.

Without a doubt, one of the most amazing creations that also has a great economic background that has managed to fill the pockets of people like Mark. The American is positioned as one of the richest men and in 2011 he had the pleasure of occupying the third position of the richest in the world.

Despite his hard fall, after constant technological and economic failures, Zuckerberg remains firm and can still enjoy a few luxuries. Given this, it is not news that the American is a great fan of the automotive industry and spends millions on his precious cars. However, there is one of his copies that steals all eyes.

In this opportunity, we are facing one of the most beastly cars and one of the favorites of the American. To the surprise of many, it is neither a Ferrari nor a Lamborghini, the most acclaimed brands among celebrities. Mark wanted to distinguish himself and mark his style with this beautiful Pagani Huayra.

This supercar example is equipped with a 6-liter V12 engine capable of delivering 730 horsepower and accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds. In addition, it reaches a maximum speed of 383 km/h. Definitely, one of the most beastly cars on the market that the founder of Facebook did not want to overlook. Its value is around 2,000,000 dollars. And would you add this car to your garage?

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Inside Pagani Huayra.

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Neither Ferrari, nor Lamborghini, this is how the most brutal of Mark Zuckerberg looks