NASA announces an agreement with Blue Origin: Jeff Bezos’ company will be a key piece in Artemis

The company is commissioned to build a lander for Artemis 5

The first lander is manufactured by SpaceX, and will be responsible for the Artemis 3 astronauts stepping on the satellite. Image: NASA

although historically NASA has more relationship with SpaceXMusk’s company are not the only ones chasing the space race. blue originthe aerospace company of Jeff Bezos has been wanting to collaborate with NASA for some time, and was one of the great favorites to manufacture the first lander for the Artemis mission. In the end it was SpaceX that took the contract, but Blue Origin has not given up. Now, NASA announces that the company of Jeff Bezos will be in charge of designing the landers for raids from Artemis 5.

The lander to be provided by Blue Origin will initially be mounted on the New Glenn rocket. The capsule will have approx. 16 meters high and it will weigh about 45 tons once it is filled with fuel. The objective of this module is to take the team of astronauts to the surface of the moon, and Blue Origin will need to fuel the capsule during the flight so that it can stay on the lunar crust as long as possible. The SpaceX model that equips the Orion capsule has enough energy efficiency to be able to stay a week on the surface of the satellite.

The first contact is taken by SpaceX, but Blue Origin are the following

Artemis 2 will be the first mission to approach the moon with a crew in more than 50 years, and in its third stage it will be when it finally let’s get back on the satellite. The first lander will be that of SpaceX, which will disconnect from the Orion capsule to descend on the Moon, where it will remain for about a week. On board they will descend two astronauts of the four that make up the operationand will carry out experiments under the supervision of the remaining two, who will remain on board the rocket The NASA.

Artemis 5 remains essentially a mystery, but if all goes as planned in the coming months, the landing methodology and processes will be very similar to what we’ll see in Artemis 3. The upside of this announcement is that will make SpaceX get even more batteries, and the rivalry between these two large companies will give rise to very groundbreaking technologies to promote space exploration. Receiving a manufacturing contract from NASA is reason enough to show the world the best they’ve got. blue origin more than 3,400 million will be spent on putting humans on the Moon during Artemis 5.

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NASA announces an agreement with Blue Origin: Jeff Bezos’ company will be a key piece in Artemis