Musk wasn’t kidding. Twitter is working on a button to edit tweets

Twitter has confirmed from the social network itself that it is working so that users can edit tweets. After the purchase of 9% of the company by Elon Musk, thus becoming the largest shareholder Twitter, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX tweeted a survey asking users what if they wanted an edit button. Hours later, the social network makes it official that they are working on it.

The novelty that “was never going to come”, edit tweets

Tweets can be edited. The official Twitter account has made it official, briefly showing how it works. Once we have published the tweet, within its options (anchor it, select who can reply, etc.) the option to edit will appear. They have not disclosed whether an older version of the tweet will still appear after editing, or whether it will show as ‘edited’.

The option to edit tweets will come first to Twitter Blue, to end up being deployed later in the version for everyone

Twitter claims that They have been working on this novelty since last year, and that its implementation did not depend on Musk’s survey. The option to edit tweets will be implemented, first, in Twitter Blueto end up reaching the rest of the users in the future.

Jack Dorsey, who was CEO of Twitter in 2020, He was responding to an interview with Wired magazine. a resounding no to the question of whether there would be a button to edit tweets. Two years later, Parag Agrawal, the new CEO of Twitter, quoted the Musk survey arguing that “the consequences of this survey will be important”. A whole plan between Musk (now a member of the board of directors of Twitter) and Agrawal to create hype about.

There is no date yet for the implementation of the edit button, which opens the debate about the possible manipulation of tweets and the ease of picking up cable as soon as a post gets out of hand. Twitter has work ahead of it to make tweet editing as transparent as possible.

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Musk wasn’t kidding. Twitter is working on a button to edit tweets