Musk, Bezos, Slim: Who are the millionaires called by AMLO to cooperate in a plan against inequality?

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador surprised this Tuesday with a project that, if materialized, would represent one of the plans for combat the most important economic inequalities in recent years.

The president’s proposal, presented before the UN Security Council, is straightforward in its approach: that the world’s richest nations, companies and individuals cooperate to create a fund and support those who have the least in the world.

In the case of the thousand richest people in the world, the World Plan of Fraternity and Welfare suggests that they donate 4 percent of their fortunes to the fund each year.

Entrepreneurs from all over the world, including Mexico, are in the group of potential donors. Who else is there? According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the top 30 on the list are:

  1. Elon Musk ($ 323 billion)
  2. Jeff Bezos (201 billion)
  3. Bernard Arnault (172 miles msd)
  4. Bill Gates (138 mil mdd)
  5. Larry Page (132 mil mdd)
  6. Sergey Brin ($ 127 billion)
  7. Mark Zuckerberg (126 mil mdd)
  8. Steve Ballmer (120 mil mdd)
  9. Larry Ellison ($ 115 billion)
  10. Warren Buffet (105 mil mdd)
  11. Mukesh Ambani (95.9 mil mdd)
  12. Francoise Bettencourt Meyers (94.4 mil mdd)
  13. Gautam Adani (82.7 mil mdd)
  14. Amancio Ortega ($ 77.4 billion)
  15. Jim Walton (66.6 mil mdd)
  16. Rob Walton (66.1 mil mdd)
  17. Zhong Shanshan (66.1 mil mdd)
  18. Carlos Slim ($ 65 billion)
  19. Alice Walton ($ 64.6 billion)
  20. Phil Knight & familia (64.3 mil mdd)
  21. Charles Koch ($ 60.3 billion)
  22. Julia Flesher Koch & familia (60.3 miles mdd)
  23. Zeng Yuqun (59.4 mil mdd)
  24. MacKenzie Scott ($ 59 billion)
  25. Michael Dell (56.9 billion)
  26. Francois Pinault ($ 51.5 billion)
  27. Jacqueline Badger Mars (47.7 mil mdd)
  28. John Mars (47.7 billion)
  29. Ma Huateng (47.5 mil mdd)
  30. Len Blavatnik (44.9 million mdd)

What other Mexican billionaires could contribute to the World Plan for Fraternity and Welfare?

According to information from Bloomberg, among the 500 largest fortunes in the world are those of Mexicans Sara Mota de Larrea and family ($ 18.1 billion); Ricardo Salinas Pliego ($ 15 billion); Alberto Baillères ($ 9.27 billion); Juan Beckmann Vidal and family ($ 8.13 billion) and German Larrea ($ 7.1 billion).

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Musk, Bezos, Slim: Who are the millionaires called by AMLO to cooperate in a plan against inequality?