Musk and Bezos unite to criticize Biden for asking the rich to pay more

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos compete for the first position in the list of the richest; electric cars (Tesla vs. Rivian); or the space domain, Space X versus Blue Origin.

Despite the differences, the two have found a point of convergence in which to join forces. Musk and Bezos these days express a confluence in their severe criticism of the president of the United States. Both blame Joe Biden for runaway inflation and mismanagement on this issue.

There is another reason for communion. The Biden Administration is openly pro-union, unnerving the pair of billionaires. In addition, the president refers on numerous occasions to raising taxes on the mega-rich in order to finance projects for the benefit of all without triggering the deficit. Biden often quotes the creator of Amazon.

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Piergiorgio M. Sandri

According to their point of agreement, expressed openly, the increase in prices is due to the large number of stimuli that the Government provided to citizens, prior approval in a Congress dominated by Democrats.

In an interview on a podcast, the founder of Tesla maintained that if the US continued to give to the money-making machine “it will soon be Venezuela.”

After praising Donald Trump’s team during his time at the head of the executive, Musk charged strongly against Biden. “The real president is the one who handles the teleprompter,” he said. And he clarified that “Biden is captured by the unions.”

In the case of Bezos, there has been a tug-of-war with the White House. He lashed out at a Biden tweet in which he called on billionaires to pay their fair share to reduce inflation. In his responses, the owner of the digital supermarket accused the president of leading the country in the wrong direction and of risking even worse inflation with his economic investment proposals, worth more than three billion. And he praised conservative Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin for stopping that plan.

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Piergiorgio M. Sandri

Joe Biden, with his wife, Jill, after getting off Air Force One

“It doesn’t take much imagination to understand why one of the richest men on Earth opposes a middle-class economic agenda that cuts big family costs, fights long-term inflation and cuts the deficit. historical with the request of the president that the richest and the corporations pay what corresponds to them, ”replied Andrew Bates, deputy press secretary of the White House. “It’s also not surprising that these tweets come after the president’s meeting with union leaders, including Amazon employees,” he added.

But Bezos was undaunted. “They just want to muddy it up,” he replied. “They know that inflation affects the neediest the most and that neither the unions nor the millionaires cause it.”

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Musk and Bezos unite to criticize Biden for asking the rich to pay more