Musk Accepts Dogecoin Cryptocurrency for Tesla Marketing Purchase

Elon Musk returned to the charge with cryptocurrencies this Friday by announcing via Twitter that Tesla has begun to accept, albeit with conditions, dogecoin for the purchase of accessories from the luxury electric car manufacturer.

“You can buy Tesla marketing with dogecoin,” Musk said in his message on the aforementioned social network.

He announced a 15% increase in the value of dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that emerged in 2013 as a joke, which subsequently lost some of its gains and then stabilized at around $0.19 per coin, an increase of 10%.

On December 14, Musk already anticipated that Tesla would accept dogecoin as a form of payment for some company products to “see how it goes” with the cryptocurrency.

The Tesla products that can be purchased from today with dogecoin are those of its virtual store, from clothing to accessories for its vehicles, as well as wireless chargers for mobile phones or sun visors with prices ranging from 50 to almost 2,000 dollars.

But purchases made with dogecoin cannot be returned or canceled like more traditional payments.

Musk has previously used Twitter to promote dogecoin, which has always caused temporary increases in the value of the cryptocurrency known for its icon, a Japanese Shiba Inu dog.

Dogecoin is the second cryptocurrency publicly favored by Musk,

In February 2021, the controversial businessman announced that Tesla would invest 1.5 billion dollars in the purchase of bitcoin and that it would accept payment in this currency for the purchase of vehicles.

The announcement skyrocketed the value of the most popular cryptocurrency on the market.

Just three months later, in May, Musk backed down and Tesla stopped accepting bitcoin as payment. Musk alleged the high environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining.

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Musk Accepts Dogecoin Cryptocurrency for Tesla Marketing Purchase