Morning habits that you should copy from the most successful people

They sleep well

Arianna Huffington must be one of the busiest women on the planet and yet she has made promoting quality sleep one of her main purposes in life. Moderating your screen exposure, lowering light levels, and relaxing for a couple of hours before bed is key to waking up energized the next day. Obviously, to achieve this it is also necessary to go to sleep at a reasonable time, in which you can allow yourself between seven and nine hours of sleep. Here you can learn a little more about sleep hygiene.


Successful people tend to push their brains to their maximum capacity, which is why it is important to take care of your mental health. In that sense, it is no longer a secret to anyone that meditation is a great way to do it. People like David Lynch, Jerry Seinfield, Joe Rogan and Bob Shapiro have spoken on different occasions about this discipline, arguing benefits that range from spiritual well-being and mental clarity to an increase in productivity.

They get up early

The list of successful people who have this habit is endless: Oprah Winfrey, the Obamas, Tim Cook, Richard Branson, Tim Gunn … why would anyone want to submit to this apparent ordeal? It is enough to do it one day to understand it: it is great to work without being interrupted, or to have some time to yourself before starting your work hours. Sound impossible to you? These tips will help you achieve it.

They have a good breakfast

Richard Branson is famous for paying close attention to his eating habits, and he usually starts the day with a fruit salad and granola. Skipping breakfast is sometimes tempting, especially when trying to gain a few minutes of sleep, but eating a healthy breakfast is key to giving your body the energy it needs to succeed throughout the day.

They exercise

Television producer Shonda Rhimes has repeatedly commented that her morning routine includes dancing to Beyoncé songs. You don’t have to dance (although it may be the most fun exercise option when you don’t feel like doing anything), but you can find another option to get moving. After exercising in the morning, your metabolism kicks in and you will enjoy the benefits throughout the day.

Article: Soure