More problems for Mark Zuckerberg: Meta receives a millionaire fine for violating competition

Mark Zuckerberg does not stop presenting problems with his famous technology firm. On this occasion, Meta, matrix of Facebook,Instagram and WhatsApp, was fined 346.72 million lira ($18.63 million) by a Turkish regulator after claiming that it violates competition law in the advertising market.

Specifically, the Turkish Competition Authority was the one who imposed the fine by pointing out that Meta had a dominant position in personal social networking services and online video advertisingand that it had obstructed competitors by merging data collected through Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The foregoing means that the American technology giant collects personal data from users and unifies it for advertising purposes in a closed circuit of these social networks, which allows it to acquire a dominant position that prevents other companies from competing on equal terms.

The amount of the fine was calculated according to Meta’s income in 2021. In addition, the state body demanded that, within six months, Zuckerberg’s company take measures to restore competition in these markets and thus put an end to this situation, about which it must report periodically to the Authority in the next five years. .

According to the Turkish Competition Authority statement, Meta can object to the decision within 60 days.

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It should be noted that in 2021 said Turkish regulator launched an investigation into WhatsApp and then into Facebook, after the messaging application updated its terms of service saying that it reserved the right of its owner, Facebook and its subsidiaries, to collect user data. users, such as phone numbers and locations, a change that has been rolled out globally.

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Meta does not agree with the fine

A Meta spokesperson said the company disagrees with the investigation’s findings and will consider all options. He stated that the company protects the privacy of users and gives people transparency and control over their data.

“The 2021 update did not ask people to agree to Facebook collecting user data. It provided clearer and more detailed information about how and why we use data,” the spokesperson explained, adding that there were no changes to WhatsApp’s data sharing with that update.

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More problems for Mark Zuckerberg: Meta receives a millionaire fine for violating competition