Montserrat Martínez: Marketing digital: Facebook Business Manager 2.0

Dear reader, we are in the last four months of this 2021 and without a doubt these months are important for all businesses, some are already projecting closings, planning strategies for the following year and looking for how to increase their profitability for next 2021 However, we are still in a pandemic due to Covid-19, which requires us to be part of the internet, in such a way that it is of great relevance to use those tools that exist on the internet.

In today’s edition I share with you one of the best digital marketing strategies that has come to stay in all businesses; Facebook Business Manager. Although the vast majority of Internet users have a profile on the Facebook social network, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the same, a few years ago made an update to the platform creating Facebook Business Manager, which is an extension of this, which helps you efficiently manage your Fan Pages, advertising accounts, campaigns and other Facebook applications in one place. It is aimed primarily at companies that need to enable different permissions for many people.

Among the main characteristics of this Social Network are:

· Professional profile.- This is where you can add your contact details, location and relevant information about your business in addition to the link to your website, to name a few examples.

· Products / Services Catalog.- This is a section that you can take great advantage of so that prospects and customers can view the products or services you offer on your profile.

· Analysis and Reports.- You can use it to get results and measure all your publications, such as Brand Collaboration Manager, Analytics, Attribution, Audience Insights, Experiments, Traffic Analysis Report and Advertising Reports, among others.

If your business page is going to be managed by a work team, this tool will be very useful because it offers:

· Great security in the application that allows you to protect company information against unauthorized access, improper use and inappropriate handling, through the assignment of different roles and permissions to the members of your team, according to the tasks thereof.

· Centralized administration in a single site that allows you to manage product catalogs, schedule publications, interact with users and create campaigns to have all the business information.

· Multiple accounts option that provides you with a better general visualization in the administration of more than two Facebook accounts, saving time and increasing the efficiency of the workflow for greater profitability of this tool.

Having said all the above, I share the step by step to create and configure an account in Business Manager on Facebook:

1.- Have a personal profile and a fan page

2.- Enter the Facebook account and then the link

3.- Click on the “Create account” button, which is in the upper right section.

4.- Complete the data information (Name, Company name, email).

5.- Immediately a new window will open requesting more information (telephone number, url of the company’s website, business address) that must be added to configure the website.

6.- To finish you must open your email to activate your account by clicking on the attached link.

Ready your profile is fully configured to be used.

Undoubtedly this tool can be very useful for your company regardless of its size or line of business, something very important is to remember that both this and any other application or marketing strategy that you want to use in your business must be customized to your needs. of your company and that the advice of advertising specialists will be very useful to obtain better results.

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