Mickael Melo, the digital marketing expert from Ambat who works in the kingdom of Mark Zuckerberg | Ecuador | News

Work in an international and technological company like Goalthe company that owns Facebook,Instagram Y WhatsApp, is the aspiration of many passionate about digital marketing. For Mickael Melo, it is a goal achieved.

Mickael Melo is an Ecuadorian who currently resides in Germany and works as Meta consultant for the largest tourism companies in Central Europesuch as Lufthansa, Swiss Air, Flix, TUI, Trivago, among others.

Growing in the professional field

Before venturing into Europe, the native of Ambato worked in the marketing area of ​​a family business. With the experience he gained, Melo traveled to France, where he did a master’s degree in Digital Marketing and CRM at the IÉSEG business school.

While studying, the young man gained new perspectives on his career: “He helped me to see objectively the reality that defines this field in Latin America, the empirical way in which certain processes were carried out, the lack of organization and the misconception that defines marketing as a creative field when it is much more analytical and technical than we think”.

His first job outside of his master’s degree was for a tourism startup, but as soon as he found out that an opening was open at Trivago, Melo applied for the position and got it after months of interviews.

“At Trivago I was able to contribute from a more creative vision. Being the youngest member of my team, I was aware of new trends and my proactivity led me to start new projects”, he assured in an interview with El Universo.

Work on Goal

“Meta is characterized by having a very flexible environment,” Mickael said of Mark Zuckerberg’s company. “I choose when and where to work, I don’t need to be in the office every day, my work is measured by results rather than time”, he added.

Despite being the only Latino in the offices in Hamburg, the German city, Mickael affirms that his colleagues always treat him with respect and kindness.

“The environment is very familiar, we are a very large community and I have the opportunity to travel a lot, get to know more Meta offices around the world and even work and have access to any of them,” he said.

Mickael Melo the digital marketing expert from Ambat who works
Photo: Courtesy of Mickael Melo

Among the amenities offered by the Meta facilities in Hamburg, Melo highlights the variety of restaurants, totally free electronic equipment vending machines, game rooms, recreation, rest, gym and security all day.

Therefore, the Ambateño does not plan to leave Meta soon. “I have only been with the company for a year and I am quite convinced that the technology we are currently developing is going to set a precedent in the future.”, he indicated in the interview.

“I would like to develop my professional career within Meta for a few more years while applying this knowledge in the consulting area for Latin America and being able to form my own personal brand,” added the digital marketing expert.

Although Mickael is living his professional dream in Germany, he does not forget his origins in Ecuador.

“Undoubtedly My family and close friends are what I remember and miss the most about my city.. The warmth of the people, the positivity and the passion with which everyone works hard despite the adversities is something that stands out a lot from my cosmopolitan Ambato”, she stated.

Mickael considers that the environment in Europe is very different, he enjoys a lot of tranquility and security, with greater confidence in the different systems, but he reaffirms that he lacks the Latin American feeling that characterizes us so much.


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Mickael Melo, the digital marketing expert from Ambat who works in the kingdom of Mark Zuckerberg | Ecuador | News