Meta wins the badge for the worst company of 2021

When Mark Zuckerberg announced the name change from Facebook to Meta, no one was surprised to analyze the context in which all this was happening.

The company was in the middle of a global media scandal with the leak of the Facebook Papers where basically the internal policies of the company and its questionable internal code of conduct were aired.

The subject of the metaverse is ambitious and seems straight out of Ready Player One. The presentation of the project was something very attractive, but that did not move the spotlight as much as they would have liked.

The best example of this is that Meta has just won the badge for the worst company of 2021, and the reasons for having that title seem to be in abundance.

Meta did not start on the right foot thanks to Facebook

The crazy ones Yahoo! Finance They have this tradition of year after year choosing what would be the best company in the world, based on its performance in the market and other indicators.

Where, as a counterpoint, they also take their time to choose what would be the worst company of the year. Determining the chosen one through a survey among members of their community about the company that most outraged them in the last 12 months. And in this case the undisputed winner was Meta.

A total of 1,541 readers participated in this vote, where Facebook’s parent company ended up standing out above all other firms mentioned in the massacre. But that was not the most striking as described by the site itself:

“What’s especially interesting about the company formerly known as Facebook is the number and variety of reasons people don’t like it.
It received 50% more votes than second-place Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, not because of one particular mistake, but because of a litany of complaints.
A significant number of responses focused on executives and founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “

In fact, in the query raised by the people of Yahoo! There were no shortage of those who precisely indicated that the change of Facebook’s name to Meta corresponded to an intention to change the conversation outside of the scandal where their commercial practices were exhibited.

Since one of the reasons why so many people were angry with Mark Zuckerberg’s company was his handling of the situation before the effects of his digital platform on children and young people.

Where the problem was discovered and outlined but never fully attacked so as not to affect the commercial performance of their social networks.

The funny thing is that in the middle of everything there is hope. Since 30% of the outraged believe that Meta could mend the way.

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Meta wins the badge for the worst company of 2021