Meta, the preferred stock among large technology companies by 2023

Meta, the preferred stock among large technology companies by 2023

The new year has shown an invigorating result for stocks Goal (Facebook) so reviled both in prestige and in price in the past year, that, although it has been a general cross for technological values, in the case of the company directed by Mark Zuckerberg, the stock market black hole created, it has carried away almost two thirds of its value.

And we see the clearest example in its descent into the hells of capitalization, if it is possible to speak of a devil’s company when you have a company that is worth no less than 357,540 million dollars. Even so, since last October the largest of the American banks JPMorgan “surprised” it in market value, it has created a considerable gap.

And it is of such a caliber that, despite the advances so far this year in value, which place it at number 19 among the most capitalized global companies, JPMorgan Chase takes advantage with position 15 and a value of 419,470 millions of euros. Of course, light years away from the trillion US dollars that it was “worth” in September 2021.

Target historical capitalization of the company

The truth is that despite its more than attractive price, analysts still do not agree on what awaits Meta in the coming months. And it may be capable of the best and the worst, depending on who we listen to. According to BloombergJPMorgan has conducted a survey among investors which stands out as a conclusion that Meta is preferred in the Internet sector in 2023 within the large-cap areathat is, with a market value that exceeds 200,000 million dollars. We are talking about institutional investors, focused on the sector.

For 41% of those consulted, Meta will be the company with the best performancewhich has also helped the stock to appreciate in double digits so far this year. It was followed closely by Amazon with 36% support from investors.

But it’s not the only big support these days for the stock.From Jefferies he also considers him to be the best in that area, that of the mega-capitalization internet. The reasons that the New York firm argues go through short videos on Instagram to compete face to face with Tik Tok. And it believes that its balance will make it resilient to this period of prolonged macro deterioration.

In its price chart we see that Meta’s shares have started 2023 on a very good footing, in such a way that the value gains 13.83% in the year with a weekly advance of 5.35% and a monthly advance of 14.7%.

Target annual value price

At the Tipranks mean, consensus suggests buying the stock, since, of the 39 analysts consulted, 29 choose to buy the stock7 to hold and 3 more to sell, while the average price target reaches $147.74 with a very relative margin of improvement, barely touching 8%.

And it is that Meta has many headwinds to its credit, among them, as indicated by The Wall Street Journal and collected by Morningstar, Meta could be accused of not complying with the General Data Protection Regulation in the United States and therefore it could face billionaire fines, of up to 13,000 million in amount.4% of their income, nothing less.

Also in Europe, with Ireland’s fine of 430 million euros for breaching that regulation community in relation to Instagram and Facebook. All this coupled with Zuckerberg’s own commitment to the Metaverse and the investments that come with it. Without forget the stiff competition in the area of ​​digital advertising, where the cake to be shared is getting smaller and smaller.

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Meta, the preferred stock among large technology companies by 2023