Meta, the new name that Mark Zuckerberg gives Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg has officially announced a new movement in Facebook. The creator of the red social World’s Most Powerful Company has renamed its corporate parent company. Time to say goodbye to ‘Facebook’ and welcome ‘Meta‘.

It is a movement that is related to the one that the Google company made several years ago, when it began to call its corporate headquarters under the name of ‘Alphabet’.

The great news was unveiled this Thursday, October 28, within the framework of the Facebook Connect 2021 event. At this event the company has offered important details regarding the metaverse, a virtual environment in which it is possible to be present with other people in digital spaces.

Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook wants to go a step further with Meta. And it is that this virtual environment will constitute the basis for the creation of a new system of digital goods. A base that will already be established under the new identity of the company, already known as Meta, in reference to the metaverse.

Goodbye Facebook, hello Meta

The creator and president of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has not hesitated to assure that the metaverse is the next ’round’ of the Internet. Although, it is also a new chapter of the company, which already leaves Facebook behind.

Mark Zukeberg testing the new metaverse

Specifically, this new metaverse will be divided into two distinct branches. One of them will house the different social applications, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger; while the other will feature the two great platforms of the future, such as metaverse and Quest.

Thus, Mark Zuckerberg has stated during the event that “from now on we will be metaverse first, not Facebook first.”

A new digital ecosystem comes to the Internet

With the creation of Facebook in 2004, Mark Zuckerberg already proved to be a genius of the network and to manage the Internet world like a charm. That is why after 15 years, the programmer and entrepreneur has decided to go one step further. Or rather, to be again, the one who takes the first step in this new metaverse.

Thus, this metaverse will offer users the possibility of experiencing a sense of presence and being really present with other people in the same virtual room. The user, in some way, will ‘go through’ the screen.

During his presentation, Mark Zuckerberg has taken the opportunity to offer some details about Meta, which will replace Facebook from now on. One of the most important characteristics will be interoperability, which will allow incorporating elements from the outside into the virtual world or vice versa.

Although, one of the aspects in which Zuckerberg has influenced the most is that this metaverse is safe for all users. Therefore, it highlights the need for privacy and security to accompany the metaverse from its inception.

On the other hand, in order to be part of this metaverse, it will be necessary to use a virtual reality headset that allows communication with other people. Likewise, said helmet can also be used to play video games or perform physical exercise. Augmented reality glasses may also be used, among other accessories.

By way of conclusion, the founder of Facebook has ensured that the new metaverse will be an element that will bring benefits to society, the economy and also the environment.

However, it has especially highlighted the role it will play in the world economy, since it will also favor the creation of services, products and experiences.

Thus, this metaverse will have the approach that has always characterized Facebook, offering services and tools at a lower cost compared to other platforms. This is what Mark Zuckerberg has assured

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Meta, the new name that Mark Zuckerberg gives Facebook