Meta sues a company for extracting data from 600,000 Facebook users

Meta is known to all for being formerly called Facebook, the extremely popular social network created by Mark Zuckerberg and used by hundreds of millions of users around the world. Once again, Facebook is once again the center of attention, since Goal has filed a demand against Voyager Labsa surveillance company that he blames for having tracked and collected data from more than 600,000 Facebook users.

Whenever we talk about Meta it is inevitable not to mention the metaverse, because this was the approach that its CEO Mark Zuckerberg wanted to give to the company. That future of virtual reality, where we were promised to be able to socialize, work and even study immersed in VRIt hasn’t arrived yet nor does it seem to be soon. But before that, Meta is the company Facebook owner and although this social network is losing popularity compared to other more modern ones such as instagram either TikTokcontinues to have a very high number of users.

Voyager Labs Sued by Meta for Extracting User Data

Voyager Labs Goal

Despite its years, Facebook is still one of the most used social networks today. Although this does not prevent its users from being fully protected, rather the opposite, since we already announced at the end of November last year the gigantic Facebook user data leak. This caused Meta to have to pay a fine of €265 million after having leaked 533 million profiles from Facebook and have violated privacy. Now Facebook is back as a hot topic, although this time it is due to Voyager Labsa surveillance company that has received a goal demand.

On this occasion, Meta accuses Voyager Labs of having created thousands of fake accounts to track and extract data from more than 600,000 Facebook users. They thus ensure that Voyager collected information such as publications, friends list, Photos, comments and pages. According to Meta, the company hid its activity using its own surveillance software. For this reason, he affirms that Voyager’s actions have caused him damages and prejudices along with research costs. About the amount of money that he will ask to pay in exchange we will not know, since the total amount will be determined in the trial.

They also blame them for stealing user data on Instagram and other networks

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Meta’s lawsuit adds that Voyager has collected user data from instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn Y Telegram in order to sell them. In addition, he ensures that companies like Voyager offer their web scraping services to anyone who needs them. In fact, this company uses these methods to detect criminal behavior networking. According to Jessica Romero, director of litigation at Meta, companies of this type share user data without their permission and this is a breach of privacy.

Although Voyager Labs is not well known, this company allowed the Los Angeles Police Department employ your surveillance software to predict crimes. Seen this way, it appears that Meta has actually sued a company that used data collection to fight crime. However, Goal data theft is taken very seriously of Facebook users knowing that in the past they have faced lawsuits for this.

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Meta sues a company for extracting data from 600,000 Facebook users