Meta seeks to develop an augmented reality program in Uruguay and Zuckerberg’s right-hand man met with Lacalle

The tech conglomerate Goal expressed interest in developing a program to train young people in creation of augmented reality effects in Uruguay. The president of Global Affairs of Meta, Nick Clegg –promoted by Mark Zuckerberg– met with President Luis Lacalle Pou this Wednesday remotely, during the celebration of the Summit of the Americas. Both exchanged about the role of the innovation What engine of economic and social development in Latin America.

What the platform seeks to install in Uruguay is one of the most popular applications of immersive technologies known as the metaverse, according to a Uruguayan government statement issued this Wednesday afternoon.

Lacalle Pou and Clegg exchanged on the intention that the country become a regional pole of technological development through its programs such as Open Digital Lab and Test Uruguay. Both also discussed the importance of creating a regulatory environment that stimulates innovation based on an advanced infrastructure, favorable conditions for investment and support for companies and entrepreneurs in the knowledge industry, the document states.

Clegg – who was also a former deputy prime minister of the United Kingdom and former leader of the Liberal Democrats – presented Meta’s vision of the metaverse, a new generation of immersive Internet that opens opportunities for economic growth and employment for developers and creators in Latin America.

“Uruguay has great potential for research and the technology development like augmented reality. We spoke with President Lacalle Pou about the possibility of taking our augmented reality training to Uruguay, so that more young people can be trained in the use of these immersive technologies and access economic opportunities”, said the president of Meta Global Affairs.

Meanwhile, Lacalle Pou, pointed out: “We are very interested in the participation of leading companies such as Meta in our innovative ecosystemin this new wave powered by augmented realitywhich we know our country will take advantage of”.

The Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Omar Paganini, and the Uruguayan Ambassador to the United States, Andrés Durán Hareau, also participated in the meeting. Lacalle Pou and Clegg agreed to continue the talks and deepen the dialogue started during this meeting.

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Meta seeks to develop an augmented reality program in Uruguay and Zuckerberg’s right-hand man met with Lacalle