Meta says it’s reviewing its nudity policies to make them more inclusive

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San Francisco (AFP) – Meta, the parent company of the Facebook and Instagram networks, has welcomed a call by its oversight board to make its adult nudity policies more inclusive, a spokesman said Thursday.

The tech giant removed two Instagram posts showing topless transgender and nonbinary people, a decision the board asked for review as undermining the ability of women and transgender or nonbinary people to express themselves.

A Meta spokesman told AFP the company has agreed to the board’s request and is reviewing in particular the policy of banning women from showing their breasts. He also confirmed that he had already reinstated the deleted posts, acknowledging that they shouldn’t have been.

“We continually evaluate our policies to help make our platforms safer for everyone,” the spokesperson said.

The “supreme court” of the social networking giant had considered that Meta should not have removed photos posted by a couple that showed their breasts, with their nipples covered, with a caption that mentioned the health of transgender people and explained that a of them would soon be operated on for sex reassignment (removal of the breasts). The couple was raising funds to get the intervention financed.

“The removal of these images is not consistent with Meta’s values ​​or its human rights responsibilities,” the oversight board said on Tuesday.

“The company’s adult nudity policy more strongly restricts the expression of women, transgender and non-binary people on its platforms,” ​​it added.

The supervisory board is made up of 20 international members, journalists, lawyers, human rights defenders and former political leaders. It was created in 2020 at the proposal of boss Mark Zuckerberg and is in charge of evaluating the content moderation policy of the Californian group.

Meta’s guidelines prohibit images containing female nipples, except in certain health contexts, such as lactation or gender reassignment surgeries.

“This regulation is based on a binary vision of genders,” the council notes.

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Meta says it’s reviewing its nudity policies to make them more inclusive