Meta-Facebook requires executives to fire underperforming employees

Meta goes through an ambiguous present. The change of identity of the conglomerate came with promises of large investments, but the situation is not so successful. In the context of the global economic crisis and shortly after the first historic drop in the Facebook user base, company leadership urges division heads to identify underperforming employees. The intention is evident: to reduce the workforce and reduce costs, although there are nuances.

Meta will identify workers who do not perform

In an internal statement accessed The Wall Street Journaltop Meta executives instruct middle managers to indicate who are the lowest performing employees. The purpose is to inform superiors and eventually leave the company.

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The aforementioned nuance is as follows: the company’s human resources department will evaluate the cases reported and will try to resolve the situation, that is, encourage performance improvement. If that doesn’t happen, paws on the street.

Meta had recognized the “difficult times”

Chris Cox, director of product at Meta, recently dropped some eloquent lines in a letter to employees. He spoke of “hard times”, of “fierce headwinds” and commented that “teams should not expect large budget streams”.

In that context, Cox anticipated that growth will slow during the second half of the year.

“I have to stress that these are ‘serious’ times and the headwinds are fierce,” he wrote in the letter, adding that employees will be required to perform in a “slower growing environmentwhere teams shouldn’t expect huge influxes of new engineers and budgets.”

The variables that affect the business of Meta

  • In global terms, Mark Zuckerberg’s signature does not escape the international context marked by a economic crisis, inflation in markets not accustomed to this movement, and companies that began layoff processes. The war in ukraine It is a variable of unavoidable mention at this point.
  • Changes in privacy policies that are gradually applied in different environments (such as iOS and Android) directly affect the finances of Meta and other technology firms. In How Apple ruined the advertising business of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat you can know more details about that panorama.
In October 2021, Facebook announced its new identity, Meta, and with that change it began its commitment to the development of the metaverse.
In October 2021, Facebook announced its new identity, Meta, and with that change it began its commitment to the development of the metaverse. By: REUTERS
  • The company’s commitment to the metaverse generated illusions but also resentments. Cox said the injection of capital into the area will continue despite the challenging environment. In addition to it, Meta shares plummeted in the past five months, amid growing investor concern over slowing growth and expensive investments in the metaversewhich can take years to bear fruit.
  • In this review it should also be mentioned that in February this year Meta shares fell around 25% on the Stock Exchange, after the presentation of disappointing results. The conglomerate that groups Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp was then losing users in the United States for the first time in its 18-year history. At that time they recognized stiff competition posed by TikTok.
  • Finally, there is a conflict that generates uncertainty in Meta, whose services could be withdrawn from Europe within the framework of a debate about the transfer of data from users from the old continent to servers in the United States.

Mark Zuckerberg’s warning

The present complex of Meta, which is in line with the waves of layoffs in multiple companies around the world, had been anticipated by the CEO of the firm.

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Zuckerberg commented that employees must be prepared to meet more demanding goals. “They probably shouldn’t be here,” he said of those who can’t reach their goals..

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Meta-Facebook requires executives to fire underperforming employees