Meet Mark Zuckerberg’s humblest car

A piece from the garage of the famous American programmer and businessman caught everyone’s attention. One of the most humble copies that has features that few know about, and at Tork we will tell you all the details.

mark zuckerberg It continues on everyone’s lips. The famous creator and founder of Facebook has become a trend in recent times after the massive and controversial dismissal of 11,000 employees. A drastic decision that he would have made due to how badly the metaverse business would be doing and some problems that arose from the competition.

Far from having a hard time, the American can afford all the luxuries that come to mind and his showcase is a true reflection of how well he is doing with his promising investments. The businessman has one of the most ostentatious and acclaimed collections, which brings together the most expensive copies on the market and some surprises.

It is estimated that the American currently has a fortune of 35.5 billion dollars. A huge figure that costs us even dimensioning. Thanks to this, Mark does not hesitate to give himself all the whims that come to mind. However, despite its varied collection of high-end vehicles, one particular example stands as the humblest of programmer.

It’s about a Volkswagen Golf GTI seventh generation. A mid-range car and whose value in the market is around 45,000 dollars, in its cheapest versions. A bargain! This sports version is offered with two power levels of 220 CV and 230 CV. Its unattractive design makes it a rare vehicle in the collection of the founder of Facebook, who has accustomed us to ostentatious models and the most bestial.

As we can observe, the showcase of the founder of Facebook is a work of art that has managed to amaze fans. A collection of the most varied that accounts for the great purchasing power of Mark Zuckerberg and how he can waste his money on everything he wants. And what would you do with this million?

Mark Zuckerberg’s Volkswagen.

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Meet Mark Zuckerberg’s humblest car