Mark Zuckerberg’s coincidence with Ferrari

The American brand Ray-Ban maintains sponsorship ties with both Facebook and Scuderia Ferrari. However, it does not do it with any glasses. He swipes and reads Meta CEO’s testimonial about this particular product.

Every time you see Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc wearing sunglasses, check carefully, as they are most likely wearing Ray-Bans. For the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 team, the season ended with more disappointments than projected, but I’m not here to tell you about the competition.

It turns out that the avant-garde and traditional American brand Ray-Ban is, along with other historical ones such as Shell, Pirelli and Puma, one of the sponsors of the Maranello automobile division. and you will ask what does ferrari have to do with mark zuckerberg. Well, little or nothing, but in a possible map of the Ray-Ban universe, both actors would appear there.

This is the product of the intelligent Ray-Ban Stories, which became Facebook’s first smart glasses when launched in September 2021, although there was already the precedent of the Snapchat Spectacles with which they are related in the central functions: filming, photographing and listening to music. Stories are practically a mobile phone in the face.

Charles Leclerc drives his Ferrari during the 2022 Mexican Grand Prix. Ray-Ban, on the bodywork. Source: Getty Images.

Let’s review its attributes. They connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, have cameras on both ends, and are equipped with speakers, microphones, and a touch pad. They are developed to record quality motion and the content generated is not limited to Facebook but can be shared in other applications. They are not limited to sun ranges either, but rather extend to clear, prescription and transition lenses.

What about the cons? Over the years, a cloud of suspicion was created around Facebook regarding the privacy and intimacy of its users. Imagine such mistrust when Ray-Ban Stories were introduced. As a result of this, Facebook was in charge of detailing the characteristics associated with that section. Among these mechanisms is the front LED that warns when the cameras are used and the buttons for turning cameras and microphones on and off.

Mark Zuckerberg on Ray-Ban Stories

Mark Zuckerberg with the Ray-Ban Stories. Source: CNN in Spanish.

Capture and share experiences from your point of view.

It was precisely mark zuckerberg who introduced the world to Ray-Ban Stories. “We wanted to create something that would allow you to easily capture and share experiences from your point of view,” he explained and then defined the decision to tie up with Ray-Ban: “So we thought ‘if we’re going to build best-in-class eyewear, a great start is with the iconic Ray-Ban frames that people already love’”.

Knowing the predilection of mark zuckerberg for efficient vehicles -Japanese in particular- the case of Ray-Ban is presented as a unique and unexpected link between the CEO of Meta and the house of Maranello. Can you imagine the Scuderia Ferrari drivers celebrating an F1 title in first person with the Ray-Ban Stories? The great obstacle, at the moment, has a name and surname: Max Verstappen.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s coincidence with Ferrari