Mark Zuckerberg’s $10 Billion Plan So Remote Workers Can’t Hide From Their Bosses

The avatars What does he propose? Goal they have no limits. The latest novelty is to replace remote workers in the meetings in the Metaverse.

That was what advanced mark zuckerberg at the Meta Connect 2022 presentation last week.

The avatars will try to have the same appearance as the worker, customizing skin tone, hairstyle and clothing. In this way, the creator of Facebook intends that there be 100% virtual meetings with avatars that come to replace the video calls with cameras off.

“You can still express yourself and react, but you’re not in front of the camera, so it’s kind of a better camera-off mode,” Zuckerberg said.

With this intention, the company invested last year $10 billion in the construction of metaversea digital space in which users can interact with experiences and other people through information technology. virtual reality.

In addition, it revealed associations with several companies and agreements with leaders of the stature of Satya Nadellaa Microsoft delegate, who would bring the company’s applications to Meta Horizon Workrooms to create “a unified digital office that we believe can make remote work much better.”

For many, this may go beyond wanting to diversify Meta’s field of action. Zuckerberg would look to address executives’ challenges with remote work, and being able to give them a “better camera-off mode” could be key for many bosses.

Bosses generally prefer those they can see in person. And that is a proven reality. In addition, many of them are used to running a physical office and would probably rather face an avatar than a blank camera, even if that means wearing complex virtual reality goggles.

A survey of microsoft to 20,000 people highlights that bosses continue to question the levels of productivity of your employees remotely. Some have even taken steps to measure that productivity.

According to an investigation by the New York Times8 of the 10 largest private employers in the United States track productivity metrics, including active time online, the incidence of keyboard breaks, or even the time it takes to type an email.

Facebook’s metaverse is cracking: there are no people in Horizon and users tire too quickly, according to internal documents

Zuckerberg’s eagerness and the support of large companies, as well as managers, invites us to worry about this “productivity paranoia”.

The reason is that the virtual reality glasses that force these meetings to be carried on the metatarsal could imply some control on a physical level. Something as common as the measurement of pulsations that many smartwatches could go much further.

In addition, a work day is long and you can schedule many meetings, which means being connected to a headset for a large number of hours.

Finally, it is important to be realistic and understand that it is impossible for the metaverse to replace everything because there are things that can never be replaced in person.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s $10 Billion Plan So Remote Workers Can’t Hide From Their Bosses