Mark Zuckerberg will testify for 6 hours on the Cambridge Analytica scandal

Meta’s CEO, mark zuckerbergwill have to testify for 6 hours about the scandal of Cambridge Analytics which was unveiled in 2018.

This measure is being applied after a class action lawsuit on behalf of users of Facebook and will be held in California.

Facebook and Cambridge Analytics

In accordance with Bloomberg, mark zuckerberg will have to testify again Cambridge Analytics and will deliver 1,200 “secret” documents on the specific case.

But you won’t be alone. Sheryl Sandberg, director of operations for Meta who is just leaving her position, will also have to testify for five hours on the case. Her replacement, Javier Olivan, will go through the same process.

The declarations will be made in September before the California courts.

the founder of Facebook appeared before a US Senate joint committee hearing in 2018 to testify about how the company handled user data in the wake of the scandal. In this hearing, the businessman admitted that his personal data was sold without his consent to the political consulting company cambridge analytics, that accessed the information of 87 million users. At another time, he accepted that his company offered “sales support” personnel to Trump and Clinton to boost their candidacies for the presidency of the United States during 2016; however, he assured that there was no favoritism and that the same standards were applied for both campaigns.

A scandal that continues with consequences

In 2018, it was revealed that cambridge analytics, a British data analysis company, collected the data of millions of users of Facebook without their knowledge and the company knew of this behavior.

From there, the company was in a constant debate to save its reputation on privacy, in addition to being fined up to 5 billion dollars for the case.

Facebook (the parent company, not the specific social network) changed its name in 2021 to Meta arguing its move into the metaverse, but many analysts believe that it was to try to make a “clean slate” about its scandals.

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Mark Zuckerberg will testify for 6 hours on the Cambridge Analytica scandal