Mark Zuckerberg will have “zuck-dollars” in the metaverse: What’s the plan?

Several reports indicate that mark zuckerbergfounder of Facebook (now Goal) is looking to develop a virtual currency that has been dubbed “zuck bucks” for his team, which could be translated as “zuck-dollars” or, if we get practical “zucko-pesos”. These would be used on your part of the metaverse to diversify income and “reinvigorate” its user base, forming part of other efforts made by the platform to stay relevant in the current scenario, which sees users lean towards other platforms such as TikTokleaving behind the relevance of Zuckerberg inside of the Internet.


Although Goalthe new name of Facebookremains the largest social network, grossing up to $118 billion from its users on that platform and on Instagramit is not a secret that Zuckerberg he is concerned about the relevance he has gained TikTok Besides that Facebook He’s had some tough times. For this reason, the idea of ​​creating digital tokens or tokens or “creator currencies” has been created, which will make them less dependent on advertisers and can create their own financial system.

According to the reports, the company is analyzing what they can be “social tokens” either “reputation tokens” which can be awarded by users as prizes to others. Similarly, they are considering “creator coins”, which can be used by influencers on their platforms, possibly giving them to users to access exclusive content or other products.

In other networks like Reddit gift tokens are already used and in fact in TikTok There is a tipping system where fans buy coins to give gifts to their favorite creators, and creators can buy them to use tools that can make them more relevant within the platform.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

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Mark Zuckerberg will have “zuck-dollars” in the metaverse: What’s the plan?