Mark Zuckerberg: Why were the founder of Facebook and his wife sued?

Facebook It is not at its best, the company is surrounded by complaints that now also fall against its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, and his wife, Priscilla Chan. In addition to facing lawsuits for neglecting the safety of users for the benefit of financial gain, now the CEO of the company and his partner have been accused by two former workers they had in their home.

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The domestic workers sued the couple and their assistants. They accuse the Zuckerbergs of harassment and discrimination in the family office that administers the couple’s requirements, as confirmed .

The accusation was filed in September this year. It details that those affected were victims of unfair labor practices. They also claim that they were victims of unfair labor practices and harassment from Liam Booth, a former key assistant to Zuckerberg-

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One of the plaintiffs is an African American woman from the LGBTQ + community. She worked from 2018 to February 2019 at Limitless Specialty Services LLC, a company that provides security services to the family.

The woman detailed in the lawsuit that she was the subject of unpleasant comments regarding her sexual orientation and race from Booth. In the lawsuit, she details that when she wanted to address the problem, no adequate measures were taken.

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For his part, the other plaintiff explained that he was insulted and sexually harassed by Booth, whom he even accuses of having touched him improperly on several occasions.

Regarding the accusations against Zuckerberg and Chan, these indicate that their employees were forced to work overtime without the corresponding compensation. One of the plaintiffs revealed that he was forced to work up to 17 hours in one day to prepare for the Zuckerbergs’ arrival.

Regarding the accusations, a spokesman for the CEO of Facebook indicated that these could not be verified.


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Mark Zuckerberg: Why were the founder of Facebook and his wife sued?