Mark Zuckerberg: The 3 cars you didn’t know

Nothing high-end, enormous powers and unbelievable prices. Mark Zuckerberg used to drive efficient and profitable models. His favorites? Japanese manufacturers. He swipes and meets three that belonged to the founder of Facebook and CEO of Meta.

mark zuckerberg He is one of the main millionaires on the planet, but in the image that he transmits to the world, at least in automotive matters, he has been far from high-end vehicles. Instead, efficiency is a line that has been maintained through models that are not very expensive but have interesting qualities.

At times, the creator of Facebook and CEO of Meta leaned towards the eco-friendly commitment of certain hybrid cars, other times he opted for low-power, low-displacement gasoline engines. But the three that I present to you below realize its inclination towards Japanese tradition and technology. Let’s start with Honda.

1.Honda Fit

A young Mark Zuckerberg boarding the Honda Fit he was driving at the time. Source: Pinterest.

In Europe it is known as the Honda Jazz, but in the Americas and Japan it bears the Fit name. The honda fit was launched in 2001 and had a limited edition hybrid for the United States: the 2012 Honda Fit EV. It was one of the most discreet that Mark Zuckerberg had. One of his greatest qualities is his carrying capacity.

2. Acura TSX

Mark Zuckerberg. Behind, the Acura TSX that he knew how to drive. Source: Pure Engine.

Manufactured since 2003, The Acura TSX It began to be manufactured in 2003 and corresponds to segment D destined for the North American market. It is an executive sedan with certain visual aspects and features close to those of a sports grand tourer but with four doors. 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, over 200 horsepower and a good reputation for safety.

The launch of the TSX meant the continuation of the Honda Accord saga. The Acura TSX, being this the luxury division of the Japanese firm, was not the most modest of those that belonged to Mark Zuckerberg, although its average price of 30 thousand euros suggested the opposite.

3.Toyota Prius

Third generation Toyota Prius. Source: Motorsports.

The Toyota Prius it is considered the first mass-produced hybrid and was heavily promoted throughout the first decade of the 21st century. The copy that belonged to Mark Zuckerberg corresponds to the third generation, efficient and less than 150 horsepower. The 2022 model starts at $24,625 with the L Eco Model trim.

Performance and efficiency seem to be two basic pillars for the founder of Facebook when selecting his cars. mark zuckerberg It was writing his own automotive history that led him to become one of the millionaires with a clear Japanese preference. Did you know this profile of the CEO of Meta?

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Mark Zuckerberg: The 3 cars you didn’t know