Mark Zuckerberg talks about climate change, but his private plane says otherwise: he uses it for trips of only 18 miles

The hectic pace of life of the owner of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, leads him to visit different cities every day and to be constantly traveling, so it is not strange that he has his own private jet and that he uses it both for long trips and for very long trips. shorts that draw the attention of environmental defenders, due to the great impact that this means for the planet.

According to ADS-B Exchange flight tracking software data compiled by programmer Jack Sweeney, The billionaire has made 28 different trips between August 20 and October 15 in the United States, the Fox News network said on its website.

The cost of these trips for the environment is very high, since it is estimated that on these routes the aircraft emitted more than 253 metric tons of carbon, 15 times more than the 16 the average American produces in a year, or the 4 that are calculated per person in the world, according to The Nature Conservancy.

Specialists estimate that the Gulfstream G650, the plane in which Zuckerberg travels, spent $158,448 on fuel for his trips during this period; In addition, they drew attention in two particular displacements: one that only covered 18 miles within the state of Arizona on October 15 and another of 28 miles between Carlsbad, California, and San Diego on August 28, according to the Fox report.

these itineraries they seem to go against what Zuckerberg himself proclaims about the fight against global warming and the millionaire donations he has made to different environmental causes to encourage the fight against climate change.

The explanations of Facebook, Meta company, they point to the safety of Zuckerberg himself as the main reason for the billionaire to use this type of transport which turns out to be unfriendly to the environment.

“Mark Zuckerberg uses private planes to travel in connection with his general security program,” Facebook noted in one of its recent interventions.

“As of March 2022, we charter a private aircraft that is indirectly and wholly owned by Mr. Zuckerberg and operated by an independent charter company for Mr. Zuckerberg’s personal and business travel. […] On certain occasions, Mr. Zuckerberg may be accompanied by guests when using said aircraft, and some of our staff may also use said aircraft for business trips.”the company added.

But the owner of Meta is not the only one criticized for the use of private jets for his trips. Leonardo DiCaprio and Harrison Ford, two Hollywood stars recognized for their constant environmental activismthey also usually use this type of devices that produce a great impact on the planet.

It is the same case of magnate Bernard Arnault, CEO of the important fashion brand Louis Vuitton, who, due to his position and the importance of his company in the sector, must be traveling from here to there. His profile and busy day-to-day has forced him to have a private jet to be able to arrive on time for his commitments in other countries.

Nevertheless, Arnault has been plagued by groups of environmentalists who found a way to get on his nerves, leading him to make a radical decision with his private jet.

Given the harassment to which he was subjected by some Twitter accounts dedicated to publishing the itinerary of his flights around the world, the executive decided to sell his private plane and enter the rental market.

It was the billionaire’s own son, Antoine Arnault, who came out to give explanations about what happened with his father’s plane and in an interview he made it clear how they will be transported from now on.

“The group had a plane and we sold it during the summer: now nobody can see where I am going, because I rent planes when I use a private jet”, said Antoine Arnault, who also explained that the use of these devices is due to the competitive advantage it gives brand executives like his father’s.

“It is a work tool that gives executives an advantage in the race for being the first to arrive at a new product or business. […] It is not very good that our competitors can know where we are at any time. That can give ideas, it can also give clues, indications, “explained the tycoon’s son.

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Mark Zuckerberg talks about climate change, but his private plane says otherwise: he uses it for trips of only 18 miles