Mark Zuckerberg showed his new full avatar after criticism of the graphics of the metaverse

The CEO of the company spoke about the project during the Meta Quest Pro virtual reality glasses presentation event.

Following the announcement of the virtual reality headset, mark zuckerberg took the opportunity to present the new avatars that will populate the immensity of the metaverse that is being built. And, after the fierce criticism for the low-quality graphics, the big news is that they have now improved and they have legs.

With the annex of the Meta walk follows the example of Nintendo in the Wii Sports, whose first version, the characters were flashy floating torsos. After a year of hard life without lower limbs, the avatars of Horizon Worlds finally they can jump for joy.

“They are much more expressive and detailed than anything currently,” Zuckerberg said, entering the virtual stage with a full body avatar.

Metaverse avatars didn’t have legs before because it was harder in VR position accurately where are parts of the body like the legs, Zuckerberg said.

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In addition, it was the first time that the founder of Facebook had held a public conference in the Horizon World metaverse before the eyes of his own virtual team. With the addition of the other half of the body, the avatars look more and more like the sims world characters.

But it is not the only change. The community of these avatars has enriched their range of expressions and now they can raise their eyebrows and make new facial expressions.

The company also announced that they will continue to work on the characters and therefore there will be more improvements for these personalities before the end of 2022.

Meta has invested more than 10,000 million dollars in its virtual reality platform so far this year, although it has not detailed what percentage of this budget has gone to enrich the lower half of the avatars.

Another of the support points of this Meta metaverse are the games. During the event, some titles such as Among US VR, or Marvel’s Iron Man VR were announced.

The CEO of Microsoft has also announced that Xbox Cloud Gaming will be available in the Meta Quest Store. Most of those games require interoperable avatars that are realistic, or at least have legs.

Criticism against Zuckerberg by the metaverse

The poor image of the metaverse that Zuckerberg uploaded. Photo Facebook

The poor image of the metaverse that Zuckerberg uploaded. Photo Facebook

The Meta CEO pointed out that these digital creatures will begin to arrive at the end of 2022. They will be accompanied by a new store with objects to customize avatars.

Zuckerberg’s announcement came just months after the billionaire was criticized on social media for an unrealistic avatar he posted on Instagram.

Social media users scoffed at the image, which showed Zuckerberg’s avatar standing in front of an Eiffel Tower. Some compared the graphics to 1990s video games like Zelda and Quake.

The CEO has admitted that the original photo he shared was “pretty basic” because it was “taken very quickly to celebrate the launch” of Horizon Worlds in France and Spain.

Faced with this personal affront, he proposed to remake his virtual figure to end the memes and criticism. To do this, she published a new version of her avatar and a much more realistic representation of an environment in the style of ancient Rome.


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Mark Zuckerberg showed his new full avatar after criticism of the graphics of the metaverse