Mark Zuckerberg reveals 5 household items you’ll ‘replace with holograms’

MARK Zuckerberg has revealed five common household items that we’ll soon replace with holograms.

The billionaire Meta chief said that the real and digital worlds will become increasingly mixed.


Meta wants you to blend reality with the virtualCredit: Meta

And part of that means swapping out some physical objects with virtual counterparts.

Zuckerberg was speaking at this week’s Meta Connect to crowds of attendees, including The U.S. Sun.

“I always find it funny when people say that the digital world and all the apps and stuff isn’t the real world,” he said.

“Because I think increasingly in our modern time, the real world is really this combination of the physical world that we inhabit and this digital world that we’re building.”

The Harvard dropout used the event to showcase his new Meta Quest 3 headset.

These mixed-reality goggles allow you to overlay computer-generated images onto the real-world around you – or fully immerse yourself in virtual reality.

Zuckerberg said that right now, the digital world is very separate from reality.

But one day that won’t be the case.

“But even though we’re constantly touching the digital world, it’s mostly through screens and it’s almost like it inhabits a completely different plane from our physical lives,” Zuckerberg said.

“Now in the future, I think not too far from now, you’re gonna walk into a room and there are gonna be as many holograms of digital things for you to interact with as there are physical objects.

“I mean think about all the physical things that are actually there that don’t actually need to be physical things, right?”

According to Zuckerberg, we could replace “any screen” with holograms.

That could be your TV or computer monitor, for instance.

And instead, you could just visualise a virtual version in the real world as a hologram – possibly created by a futuristic version of the Meta Quest that is as slim as glasses.

That could be a big money saver if everyone was able to avoid forking out for a giant flat-screen TV.

But Zuckerberg also named four other items that could be replaced by holograms: paper, media and games, art, and your workstation.

“They could all be interactive holograms,” Zuck noted.

He explained: “I think that one of the most interesting questions for our industry over the coming decades is gonna be: how do we unify these experiences of the physical that we have with this vibrant digital world.

“To create something that is more coherent and just better than anything that we have today?”

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Mark Zuckerberg reveals 5 household items you’ll ‘replace with holograms’