Mark Zuckerberg resurrects a disused service to give it a new life on WhatsApp

Several months ago, specifically last March, the BeeDigital company confirmed through a statement the end of the Yellow Pages in paper format. After being published for more than 50 years, the managers of the company decided to do without this service for the first time due to technological advances. And, as explained from BeeDigital, it is increasingly common to use digital techniques to advertise in front of third parties.

Meanwhile, people who want to find the number of a restaurant or a hairdresser, for example, go to Google to find out what it is. For the same reason, and mainly since the democratization of the Internet in homes, services such as the Yellow Pages have become obsolete. But Mark Zuckerberg wants them back. Or at least something very similar that will arrive on the platform soon for the same purpose.

Mark Zuckerberg announces the arrival of the ‘Yellow Pages’ to WhatsApp

Just a few days ago, the CEO of Facebook announced the arrival of its own yellow pages to WhatsApp. A service, currently being tested in Brazil, through which WhatsApp users could contact local companies without having to abandon the instant messaging platform par excellence: “We are creating modern yellow pages within WhatsApp to you can search and contact local businesses directly from the app. ”

This is how the new WhatsApp tool works. / WhatsApp

To do this, the instant messaging platform has enabled a new option called ‘Nearby businesses’ that will appear soon after clicking the ‘New chat’ button. In the captures provided by the company, the nearby business directory offers us about the different businesses classified by their activity. In this way, we can find a specific clothing store or workshop in a matter of seconds.

The company will not register your location or the companies you review: this is how ‘Nearby businesses’ works

After Mark Zuckerberg spoke about this platform on his Facebook account, WhatsApp director Will Cathcart explained that the company will not record your location or the companies you review. Taking advantage of the pilot experience in the city of São Paulo, Cathcart has recognized that they will investigate how to expand the service to other cities near the one we are in and how to show us other types of establishments.

In short, WhatsApp has begun to test a new service in Brazil with the aim of putting pressure on the electronic giant Google. Despite the fact that today it is the preferred option to find a specific number, the possibility of talking to any company close to you without leaving the application is a plus for a project that has just started.

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