Mark Zuckerberg receives new lawsuit from company called “Meta”

  • Nowadays, Goal it has just over 2.91 billion active users.

  • It is estimated that the company reached a value close to 226 billion dollars.

  •” is the demanding firm, which offers artistic and immersive experiences.

The name change of the social network Facebookby Goalcarried out in October of last year, brought with it something more than the opening to the commitment to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) within the metaverseplacing the digital world in the future and causing various conflicts, since it has recently been revealed that the company Goal of Mark Zuckerberg received a new lawsuit by an alleged company of the same name.

Within the new normal caused by forced social distancing, social networks have positioned themselves as the great trend of consumption among citizens, an aspect that has allowed social networks to exponentially increase their number of active users, tal is the case of the popular Chinese platform TikTokwho today registers just over 884 million users, while Goal (Facebook) remains the most popular social network with just over 2.91 billion active users.

This figure positions the Goal with a brand value of more than 226 billion dollars, due to the growth registered compared to the previous year, of just over 40 percent, according to the study of Kantar Millward Brown; Kantar Worldpanel; Bloomberg.

Mark Zuckerberg receives new lawsuit for company of the same name “Meta”

GOAL (or is the new company that adds to the demands made towards Mark Zuckerberg’s company, since its name change, this because the firm specialized in creating artistic experiences in installationsis suing Goal (Facebook) for stealing their registered name for 12 years “without prior notice”, as revealed by the company itself in a statement.

According to what has been revealed, Meta.ia is a pioneer in the immersive and experiential technology industry, which was founded in 2010 and is dedicated to the creation and development of virtual and real-world social communities associated with the industry, therefore, In the last few hours, they have made known the complaint filed against Goal from Official site in which you can read:

“On October 28, 2021, Facebook took over our brand and name GOAL, in which we put our blood, sweat and tears for more than twelve years. We were just as surprised as you. Amidst the challenges of the pandemic and its impact on the experiential space, we were putting the finishing touches on our new initiative, UNREALITY. Then one of the most powerful companies in the world took over our identity without warning. Today, after eight months of trying to negotiate with Facebook in good faith without success, we were left with no choice but to file a lawsuit against them. The lawsuit alleges that Facebook infringed the federally registered trademarks of GOAL and common law trademark rights, and engaged in blatant acts of unfair competition.”

The lawsuit against the giant of social networks, adds to the one filed by the firm of the same name dedicated to the sale of electronic devices, in the United States and the one filed by Milenium Group, which claimed the logo used by Goal.

Goal has placed the metaverse as the technological commitment to the future; however, the firm owned by Mark Zuckerberg has been affected by various lawsuits related to its name and image, an aspect that is important for the active community within the network, as well as for technological developers, who have already begun to actively develop the metaverse with the help of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

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Mark Zuckerberg receives new lawsuit from company called “Meta”