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“Today we start testing a great evolution of WhatsApp that we have been working on: WhatsApp Communities.

It has long been clear that the way we communicate online is changing. Most of us use social networks and feeds to discover interesting content and stay updated. But for a deeper level of interaction, messaging has become the center of our digital lives. It’s more intimate and private, and with encryption it’s also more secure.

Our messaging services are based on one-to-one text messaging, and that will continue to be at the core of what we do. But we’ve also been working on building the next generation of private messaging. With a focus on privacy, safety, and security, we’ve added video chats, voice messages, status, commerce, payments, and more to WhatsApp and Messenger. With today’s launch, we’re going even further and enabling people to not only connect with friends and close contacts, but also with all the different communities in their lives.

This can be a school community with chats where important announcements for parents are shared and discussed, a work community with chats to discuss different things with colleagues, or a community of neighbors to talk about what is happening on their street or in their building. . Many people tell us that they want to use WhatsApp for this, as it is the fastest way to keep in touch with people, but so far the product has not been designed in a way that makes it easy.

We created WhatsApp Communities to make it much easier to organize all your group chats and find information. You will be able to gather different groups in a Community; for example, in addition to individual groups for different classes, you can have a general Community for parents in a school with a main site for announcements and tools for administrators. We’re also adding new features to groups on WhatsApp, including reactions, large file sharing, and larger group calls. And because this is WhatsApp, end-to-end encryption and security features will be built in from the start.

We’re going to start rolling this out slowly, but I expect it to be a major evolution for WhatsApp and for online communication in general. In the same way that social media took the basic technology behind the Internet and adapted it so that anyone could find people and content on the web, I believe that community messaging will take the basic protocols behind one-to-one messaging and extend them to that you can more easily communicate with groups of people to get things done together. We will also build community messaging features for Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram. I’m excited to see how this progresses as we start testing WhatsApp Communities today and will roll it out in the coming months.”

WhatsApp blog texts about Communities

We share our vision for Communities on WhatsApp

Today we are excited to share our vision for a new WhatsApp feature called Communities. Since WhatsApp launched in 2009, we’ve been focused on finding ways to help people have a great alternative to a face-to-face conversation, whether it’s with a single individual or with a group of family or friends. For this, we constantly listen to the comments of those who use WhatsApp to communicate and coordinate within a community.

Schools, local clubs, and nonprofits use WhatsApp to communicate securely and get results, especially since the pandemic has forced us all to find creative ways to work together remotely. Given the outpouring of feedback we’ve received, we feel we can do even more to make managing these busy group conversations easier.

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This is where the Communities feature comes in. Communities on WhatsApp will allow people to bring together different groups while maintaining a structure according to the needs of each case. In this way, people will be able to receive updates sent to the entire Community and easily organize smaller discussion groups to talk about what is relevant specifically to that group of people. The Communities feature will also feature powerful new tools for admins, such as sending announcement messages to members of all groups or assigning which group to share information with.

For example, we believe that the Communities option will make it easier for a school principal to share important updates with all parents, and create separate groups for specific classes, extracurricular activities or volunteer needs. .

We are also making a number of improvements to how groups work on WhatsApp, whether they are part of a Community or not. This will help people connect in new ways and reduce message overload in larger chats.

All of these features will be rolling out over the next few weeks so people can start testing them before the Communities feature is ready:

  • Reactions: Emoji reactions are coming to WhatsApp so people can quickly share their thoughts without flooding chats with new messages.
  • Deleted by administrator: group admins will be able to remove stray or problematic messages from chats.
  • Share files: 2GB files will now be shareable so people can easily collaborate on projects
  • Calls with more participants: we’re introducing one-touch voice calls to talk to up to 32 people, they’ll have a brand new design for those times when live talk is better than chat.

Communities are inherently private, so we will continue to protect messages with end-to-end encryption. This privacy technology is more important than ever to protect people’s privacy and security. Closed groups — schools, members of a religious congregation, and even businesses — want and need to have secure, private conversations without WhatsApp monitoring their every word. Read more about how we’re approaching the privacy, security, and protection of the Communities feature here (See Integrity blog post).

While other apps are creating chats for hundreds of thousands of people, we have decided to focus on supporting the groups that are part of our daily lives. Communities on WhatsApp is just getting started and one of our goals is to continue creating new supporting features throughout the year. We are very excited to bring Communities into the hands of people.

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Mark Zuckerberg presents Communities on WhatsApp – TyN Magazine