Mark Zuckerberg lost more than half of his fortune for powering the metaverse

An expensive decision. From the date of announcement of your metaverse and name change Facebook a Goal, mark zuckerberg he has lost more than half of his fortune to date.

This has been revealed by the index of billionaires of Bloombergwho notes that Zuckerberg’s fortune fell from 142 thousand to 55.9 billion dollars.

Mark Zuckerberg suffers financially

The fortune of the founder of Goal he lost 71 billion dollars and has dropped him to the 20th position of the richest in the world, the lowest figure since 2014.

The main change since September 2021, when it had 142 billion, is that it announced the launch of the ‘metaverse‘, with which he would try to create a digital universe so that people can live together through virtual reality.

However, it was also harmed by the statements of former employee Frances Haugen who denounced the large amount of information that the company has on users and how it uses it in a harmful way to profit.

gradual fall

Facebook reported its first user decline in the first quarter of the year, causing a drop in the value of the company’s shares, which also had consequences for Zuckerberg’s assets: a drop of 31 billion dollars.

Almost all of Zuckerberg’s wealth is tied up in shares of Goal.

The company has also indicated millionaire losses to boost the metaverse through virtual reality. Further announcements on this are expected in October.

Days ago, Target (Facebook) Y mark zuckerberg were the target of criticism after the CEO posted an image using Horizon Worlds, his platform for the metaverse. Most critics questioned how Zuckerberg’s $10 billion-plus investment in the metaverse translated into graphics that looked like something out of a Wii game, a console that debuted nearly 16 years ago.

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Mark Zuckerberg lost more than half of his fortune for powering the metaverse