Mark Zuckerberg: Loses more than half of his fortune in a year

Considered the second richest person in the world a decade ago, Mark Zuckerberg has lost more than half of his fortune over the last year and is about to leave the top 20.

According to the Bloomberg agency’s billionaires index, the founder and current executive director of Meta, parent company of Facebook, Instagram Y WhatsApp He went from having a net worth of 125 billion dollars in his coffers to 57 billion this Tuesday.

Zuckerberg is ranked 20th among the wealthiest people in the world, although In 2012, he was considered the second richest person after the debut of Facebook on the Nasdaq stock market in New York.

The Bloomberg index indicates that the American is the millionaire who has lost the most fortune in the last year, who He is already surpassed by the Mexican Carlos SlimHonorary and Life President of the Board of Directors of América Móvil, whose wealth is located in position 13, with 69 billion dollars.

Currently, the list is headed by Elon Muskdirector of the automaker Tesla, whose assets are valued at 256 billion dollars; while in second place Jeff Bezos, creator of the online sales company Amazon, with 150 billion; and third, Gautam Adanifounder of a multinational conglomerate involved in port development and operations in India, with 147 billion.

Zuckerberg has seen his fortune fall from the hand of the price of the shares that his company has had in the last year, considered the seventh most valuable company in the world.

Meta closed this Tuesday with a capitalization of 454 billion dollars, its lowest record in the last two and a half years, specifically since March 23, 2020, when the company still bore the name of Facebook and the pandemic was just decreed.

A year ago, Zuckerberg’s company was valued at more than a billion dollarsaccording to information from Bloomberg.

However, as of September 13, 2021, Meta accumulates a loss of 60% or 618 billion dollars.

This figure is equivalent to half of all that the Mexican economy produces in goods and services over the course of a year, whose value the International Monetary Fund estimated at 1.2 trillion dollars in 2021.



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Mark Zuckerberg: Loses more than half of his fortune in a year